I was planning on blogging about paleo this week, but as I await a customer service rep to answer my call at Indigo, I’ll begin my blog and it will focus on the events in Paris.

The events in Paris this week are positively horrifying and heartbreaking.  Imagine, you are out for a nice evening and all hell breaks loose and we’re not talking the usual crazies who have had too much to drink, we’re talking suicide bombers–the day before it would have been unimaginable.  

I truly cannot even imagine what it was like to be there but my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and everyone.  Even here in Canada, Facebook and Twitter have been lighting up with thoughts, fears and prayers.  When will it all end?  

I have a great interest in religion.  I cannot even possibly imagine that anything in the Koran or any other religious works is telling people to do this.  It cannot be!  Whether you believe in Yahweh, God, Allah, or any other god, are they not all merciful and understanding?  Do they not all teach us to love one another?  How did things go so wrong?

I know that the God that I believe in teaches us to love one another as he has loved us.  He gave us free will, but it was not meant to do these things.  We all have difficulties in life, some much more than others, but we must not blame each other for that.  We must help each other to get through this life.

There is truly enough food and water on earth for us all and we can share.  We are free to worship whoever we wish to as part of our free will.  Although our God asks us to have no other gods before Him.

I spent some time reading things on the Internet yesterday–perhaps not the best idea.  One article I read said that the perpetrators want to force armageddon!  Do we really need to see the end of our planet?  For what purpose?  Is it really time for mankind to be obliterated?  Wow.  Pretty wild ideas.  Can’t we just sit down and work through this?

It seems I have way more questions than answers.  We can only hope that we can avoid another horrible incident, by staying ahead of these zealots.  Is that possible?

Please pray that this is possible and as each week passes, we begin to breathe again and enjoy the wonders of this planet called earth rather than watching them be destroyed.

God bless you and keep you!


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