Good Sunday afternoon!  I promised to blog about paleo and I’m finally getting around to it!  There is another topic that I would like to blog about–my car–but that saga is not yet over, so that can wait until next week.

So, November first I decided to get serious about sticking to the paleo lifestyle.  I had kind of been dabbling in it for some months, but was not totally sticking to it.  I decided that November was a good time to get serious.  I was working from home most of the time and now it seems, am among the pensioners crowd, so I have time to focus on this.  

Cavan and I have been having fruit smoothies every morning for a while.  Just frozen fruit (yes, I check to make sure there is NO sugar or sweeteners added), almonds and a bit of juice so that it doesn’t become a slushie.  Juice isn’t generally recommended, but I do make sure that it doesn’t have any additives.

Lunch is generally either nuts and dried fruit, or vegetable soup that I make myself.

Dinner is either beef, pork, poultry or fish, with vegetables.  No potatoes, although sometimes Cavan has potatoes and if I have anything else, it might be squash or sweet potatoes.

I even made my own spaghetti sauce, with just canned tomato sauce (nothing added, not even salt), with a cooked ground beef/pork combo, chopped veggies and spices.  Then I cook spaghetti squash and have the sauce on it.  Great stuff!

If we go out, I often have eggs, as an omlette, or scrambled.  Sometimes I have a salad with grilled chicken, or once with grilled salmon.  The salad dressing is my little cheat.

So, it looks like my belly has deflated and clothes fit much better.  I think I will stick with it!!  

I will try some more baking, as well.  I made paleo cinnamon rolls that even Cavan liked!  With Christmas coming up, I am planning some more paleo baking, of course.  I have some recipes to try.  There are tons of paleo websites out there with oodles of great recipes.  This is not that difficult to stick to.

I am never hungry, so the only reason I might stray is if I am out for a meal and I can’t get exactly what I want.

This is a great lifestyle and I will try to carry it on for the rest of my life.  As the wheat belly book says (and that is where I started this journey), stick with one ingredient foods.  It is much better for you.  We need to get away from these chemicals.  They can’t possible be good for us.

So, I pray that everyone has a great week and wish you all well with your own food journey!


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