Christmas Concert


Happy Monday afternoon!  I’m late getting to my weekly blog because I was in Toronto from Friday night until Sunday evening.  Cavan was singing with the St. Michael’s Choir School Alumni Association at Massey Hall.  The final practice was Friday evening, with concerts on Saturday and Sunday at 3pm.

While Cavan was at the rehearsal Friday evening, I got to have dinner with my daughters at Yonge and Gerrard.  The dinner was delicious and we had a great chat.

I didn’t attend the Saturday concert, so I got to spend some more time with Alysse.  She met me at the hotel just ahead of noon and we wandered over to Allan Gardens for a little while and then stopped at Cora’s for lunch on our way to her place.  At Alysse’s, I got to help her decorate her Christmas tree and we baked some delicious paleo brownies!

Alysse then styled my hair for the St. Michael’s dinner and I headed back to the hotel to change for the event.  It was another lovely meal, but I was pretty tired from all of the walking I had done in the city that day!  We headed back to the hotel and crashed for the night.

The next day we slept in and had confirmed a late checkout at noon.  We loaded up the car and parked in the Choir School parking lot meeting Cavan’s brother, sister-in-law and mother for lunch along with his sister-in-law’s mother.  We ate at Fran’s, right across from Massey Hall and then just walked over for the event.

It was a wonderful concert!  The little kids from St. Mike’s (the Choir School starts at grade 3) were just adorable, but it was the Alumni that got the standing ovation. It was a great concert.  The Alumni for this performance range from the class of 1946 to the class of 2009.  The group was over 70 voices strong and just goes to show you that once you have talent, you can conjure it up whenever necessary!

So, this is just a short blog because I need to get to my Christmas cards!  I haven’t even had time to figure out what retirement is all about!

Stay safe and enjoy the coming festive weeks leading up to Christmas.  God bless you all!


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