An Empty Journal


The new year began three days ago.  It’s like starting with a blank canvas or empty journal.  We have the opportunity to paint, or write anything we like.  It’s a whole new year!

As I begin a new ‘schedule’ as a recent retiree, I have an even greater opportunity to write my story for this year.  I have already begun to get back to my daily work out, much more reading and also on the agenda is organizing (and purging–we’ll see how well that goes!).  I plan to go room by room, closet by closet, cupboard by cupboard to better organize what I need while, hopefully, getting rid of what I don’t.

Later this year, I will be taking a diaconate course that will allow me to better serve the Cobourg and surrounding community.  By then, I should have the house sorted out!  At least that’s the plan…

In amongst all of that, I will have to see if I can manage to live on the pension I will get monthly from my company.  I am hoping so, as I really don’t want to have to pick up a part time job.  I think I shall be busy enough with what I hope to accomplish.

As I begin my new year, my daughters also have a whole new year to look forward to.  One daughter will be finishing her degree in April and even starting a new job this month.  Another daughter got a raise and already has many weddings booked for the year, for which she works her magic on ladies hair.  

As to Cavan, he is now a reseller of 3D printers, which I hope will bring in some customers.  He has one possibility in Sudbury, but there is still a bit of work he needs to do to fully understand them and he has discovered that because they take a long time to print, that you really need a backup battery, because they don’t recover well from a power blip.

All new and exciting stuff!  Let’s see how we make this year into the latest chapter of our lives.

I pray that everyone who reads this also has great prospects for this new year.  God bless!


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