I was reading a blog recently, where someone was mentioning that their husband is paleo-ish.

I can tell you from experience, that if I stick to the paleo lifestyle, that I feel better and that my weight comes off.  I have lived it, but, (isn’t there always a but?), I sometimes stray from the paleo ways.  I truly have no good excuse for it to tell you the truth, and I even do it knowing that I will feel crappy when I do.  I will say that I never go whole hog when I do.  I stay mostly paleo and just become paleo-ish.

So, time to get back to it!  This has to be more than a New Year’s resolution.  I know that Cavan will never be more than paleo-ish because he really loves his pasta and even I will tell you that spaghetti squash is not the same as spaghetti.  I am on a bit of a mission, though because I know that the more tasty meals I can make to keep him off the grains, the better.  I may have trouble getting him off his chocolate milk though, but we will see how it goes.  Cavan and I do not drink coffee or soda and Cavan doesn’t even drink tea and he also likes his sugary lemonade.

I am thinking that if I take it day by day, knowing that he will start to feel better and the pounds will start to come off that I may not be able to keep him to paleo every day, but perhaps at least most of the time.

You see, the problem is this: his knees are getting worse.  I’m afraid that he is kind of between a rock and a hard place here though.  I don’t think they will operate until he gets his weight down and yet I believe that if he gets his weight down, he won’t need the surgery.  Hm!  Either way he needs to get his weight down and I need to try to do it without him realizing that he is actually becoming paleo.

Aha!  This is the gauntlet of challenge.  Am I up for it?  Well, I shall do my best!  This will take some planning, AND he get desserts!  Let’s see how this goes.  It will do us both the world of good, but I need to try to keep it interesting.  He won’t eat some of the paleo things I love, like sweet potatoes and squash, but I’ll figure it out.  Also, he is allergic to onions, but I don’t mind because I don’t care for them, anyway.

So, let’s see how we do this week.  One day at a time and if he starts to see results, I may have him hooked!  It’s gotta be better than the last diet we were on that was essentially 300 calories a meal.  We did lose 60 pounds each, but it was not sustainable.  I believe that this is sustainable.  I know it is for me, at least it should be, I just get lazy.

God bless you all with your own diet challenges!


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