Still Paleo-ish


I was hoping to report that I had gone totally paleo this week, but I have to confess that I am still only paleo-ish.  I was pretty good most of the week and noted that I was even down the two pounds I gained over Christmas and New Year’s, but I failed a couple of times.  The epic fail was last night, when I was too lazy to make anything other than nachos.  So–dairy, chilli with beans and corn chips!  I am feeling a rather uncomfortable belly today in retaliation.

Well, we start a new week and I will work on better planning and try to get through the week without a paleo fail.  Here’s hoping!

On a good note, I continue to work on the re-organization of my house.  I am taking it slowly, as I don’t want to tax my MS and I want to make sure that I do things in the right order, so that I don’t have to go back and re-organize anything.  So, slowly but surely.

I am quite pleased to note that we got the microwave oven delivered and installed, to replace the one that gave up the ghost after only five years.  I don’t bake or cook much in it and as a matter of fact, I mostly heat, melt and soften things in it, but it sure saves the effort and the pans on the gas stove.  I also ordered two shaker sideboards and hutches, that will complete the dining room. They will be made by an Amish fellow in Ohio and will take about 12 weeks, so I guess I won’t re-organize the kitchen and dining room until those arrive.  The other piece of furniture that I just bought and arrived on Friday was an electric fireplace/TV stand for the basement.  The TV had been sitting on a big desk that took up a lot of room and I’m very happy with the fireplace–a great purchase.

I think that is all I need that is new, as we settle into retirement.  Once we get everything organized, we should be able to sit back and enjoy it!

So, we’re busy, busy, busy!  I’m trying not to tax Cavan or I too much.  Cavan is still stiff from the fireplace construction (it of course, required assembly!) and I decided to take on the extra washing that I do from time to time that includes the cat blankets, chair covers and bath mats. There is never a dull moment here!

Now, I am looking forward to a paleo week (got a pork roast for dinner tonight!) and continued re-organization!  Hopefully, I will also fit in some reading.  Interestingly enough, although I was in the city once each of the last two weeks, I’m not due back for three weeks, when I take my friend Viv to see Gaslight.  

All is good with us here in the lovely little town of Cobourg!  May you have a blessed week!


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