Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day!  It’s a chilly, but sunny, Sunday here in Cobourg and I have a prime rib roast in the oven cooking low and slow for dinner.  It was really too cold to do it on the smoker.  I hope I can do it justice!  Cavan had slow cooked the first five ribs from the roast on the slow cooker for New Year’s Day and it was delicious!

I hope that everyone is having a lovely Valentine’s Day with their sweetie.  I sent cards to my daughters, as I do every year.  Here in Ontario, it is Family Day tomorrow, a day to spend having fun with your kids, spouses and/or parents.  So, we have back to back holidays.

My father is in Vancouver until Wednesday, visiting with my sister and the latest grandchild, on his way back from Australia, so I can’t visit with him.  My oldest daughter will arrive tonight, to spend Family Day with me and since she has Tuesday here as well, we are going for facials.  Tomorrow, we shall just watch some movies here at home.  My youngest daughter is at the library studying (I just chatted with her).  She has only a couple of months left at university.

All is right with my world.  I am very blessed, I must say.

I have done a bit more organizing this past week–really just my dresser (the top of it and the junk drawer). I have my closet and the closet in the front spare room to do and then I’m done except for the kitchen and dining room, which I think I mentioned I won’t be tackling until my shaker cabinets arrive, which won’t be until late April.

That means that I should be done most of it by the end of this month and then, of course, the first week of March will be spent getting my taxes organized.  I always get it done early because I generally

get refunds and that arrives as an automatic deposit within two weeks of e-filing my taxes.  Always a good thing!

Well, folks, I have some reading and relaxing to do!  Happy Valentine’s Day and God bless!


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