Happy Anniversary!


Happy Monday everyone!  I’m late getting this blog written because I got too busy re-organizing my bathroom cupboards yesterday.  I’m afraid that I not very good at resting on the 7th day.  I must work on that!

This blog is about two anniversaries actually.  First, this is my 100th blog!  Wahoo!  Who knew I would last this long?  I’m kind of hoping that folks find these blogs at least a little bit interesting.  I realize that I am a bit all over the map with topics and there is no consistent thread through these blogs, unless you consider ‘my life’ the thread.  I should go through all of the blogs because I think that there are really only about a half a dozen major topics–God, diet, re-organizing, retirement, family and books.

So, quite a few different topics, but I am hoping that they are at least somewhat interesting.  I know that I don’t lead a terribly dynamic or exciting life and now that I’m retired, it is pretty mundane, actually.  So, we’ll see how it goes.  Mind you, I am taking the deacon’s course this year, so I might at least try to be a little more inspirational.

The other anniversary is quite unrelated.  As of this Saturday, my honey Cavan and I have been together for 13 years!  Another wahoo!  I am retired now, as you know, and Cavan is expecting to retire in 2023, when we both turn 65. I believe that I have mentioned more than once that he works for himself.  It doesn’t bring in much money, but the small businesses that he does work for really depend on him.  When we are both retired, perhaps I will blog about our travels.

Well, another week begins!  I have two more closets to get re-organized and I’ll work on that this week because next week, it’s time to start on the taxes!  My two Amish Shaker hutches won’t arrive until late April, so I’ll leave the kitchen and dining room until they arrive.Then I shall be done and can move onto the next project!  So, I will have a gap between the taxes and organizing the kitchen, during which time I am going to record some of my stories for my YouTube channel.  It’s a good thing I retired, otherwise where would I find the time?

So, enjoy the last of February and God bless!


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