Sadie Hawkins Day


Happy Monday everyone! It is a bit of a dull and chilly day today, sandwiched between a really nice warm day yesterday and the snowstorm expected tomorrow.  

For those of you who remember, today being the leap day, is also Sadie Hawkins Day. This thought dates me, of course.  Sadie Hawkins came from the Li’l Abner comics, which ran from 1934 to 1978.  So, if you don’t go back that far, it’s the day when girls got to ask guys to a dance.  The Sadie Hawkins dance, of course.  Now, in this day and age, women often ‘take the bull  by the horns’ and ask guys out.

Women are quite liberated these days.  We can have a family AND a career–yay!  Somedays, I wonder the wisdom of that, but I certainly had both myself.  I understand from statistics, that women are more than half the workforce now and that there are more women graduating as doctors than men these days.  So, we fought for the vote and we fought to be able to work outside the home and we got it.  But, it is still believed that we are not paid as well as men doing the same job.  I don’t know if that is true in all cases.  I know that I was well paid while I was working. At least I believed that I was.

Things have changed quite a bit in the nearly 60 years I have been around.  I remember when I was applying to university, my mother told me that women didn’t go to university, they went to college and then got married.  Well, I did end up doing community college and got married about six years after that and the marriage only lasted five years, so I kind of felt like a failure in my mother’s eyes. I did, however, have what I felt was a successful career in the IT world and have retired with a reasonable pension, so life is good.

I had a conversation recently with a woman who told me that she was planning to have a career that would likely be seen as more successful than a man that she might marry.  Interesting!  She felt that it would make her more appealing to men.  Very interesting!  How times have changed.  I can tell you that I made more money than my ex-husband and he didn’t like that at all.  Have the attitudes of men changed?

I do know several women who make more money than their spouses, but I should point out that income should not be the only measure of success.  I am a huge supporter of blue collar jobs.  Office jobs were perceived as more successful than jobs where you work with your hands, but I also know that the trades really earn good money.  I also know that either type of job can have really good benefits, which is pretty great.

I still believe that you should do what you love and love what you do.  I beat that into my kids and it has driven their careers.  I know that some people are happier working with their hands, than sitting in an office all day.  A former coworker told me once, “you never work with your hands, if you can work with your head.” Another twist to the attitude of white collar jobs being perceived as better than blue collar jobs, but I have never believed it.

At the end of the day, you put a lot of years into life in general, and I can tell you from experience that it goes much easier if you are happy to get out of bed in the morning.  So, find something that drives you and make a career of it and if you want to ask a guy out, go for it!

I believe that God will provide and if you follow the path you are intended to follow, everything will work out just fine.  Have a great week and may God bless and keep you, all the days of your lives!


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