Mission Accomplished


Good Monday morning! It’s kind of  dull day here, but it is supposed to be unseasonably warm–wahoo!  Still no crocus poking up through my grass, but hopefully soon!  My sister in Vancouver already has crocus up and daffodils coming up–soon here too, I think.

So, with the very early arrival of my shaker cabinets just over a week ago, I pushed through and finished my reorganization of the house.  I should point out that  now I realize that it is never really finished because every day now, I seem to come up with another tweak, some other idea of how furniture should be arranged, or another drawer I forgot to tackle.  Ah well, I’m retired, it can be my life’s work, I guess!

It is interesting how things go.  When I started this, I decided that I really didn’t like my Mom’s china cabinet in my dining room.  It was really too big for the space it was in, so I ordered two shaker cabinets to replace that and the old baker’s rack.  When I emptied Mom’s china cabinet and was taking pictures of it for Kijiji, Cavan said, ‘You don’t really want to let it go, do you?’

He was right, but where the heck could it go?  Well, Cavan pointed out that I didn’t need the table in the front room because I wasn’t working any more.  But of course, we didn’t want to let that go either.  So, it went into the upstairs guest room and what we are getting rid of is the twin bed that was in that room.  I kept it because it was relatively new, but there was also a double bed in that room and we really don’t get that many guests.

The dilemma–what to do with the bed?  One of Cavan’s cousins is recently separated from his wife, so we called him to see if he could use the bed.  The bed will have a new home as soon as David can pick it up.  It’s all good.  I have seven big Rubbermaid containers of stuff for our garage sale.  We still need to go through the garage and utility room, but that is Cavan’s stuff, so all in good time.  My daughters will also go through what I’m getting rid of to see if they want anything and whatever they don’t take, and doesn’t go in the garage sale, will go to the place downtown called ‘Beyond the Blue Box,’ which is a great organization and take anything they can sell.

So, folks, I’m taking a couple of weeks off to read and watch movies before I get into recording some of my stories and then I’ll figure out what project to tackle next!  I have rug hooking kits and lots of crocheting projects to tackle.  Who knew I could be so busy in retirement–I did!

Have a great week folks!  I’m picking up my mother-in-law, while I’m in the city on Wednesday and bringing her out here for a few days to celebrate her birthday. We have a puzzle to work on.  Enjoy your own tasks scheduled for this week.  God bless!


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