Happy Monday everyone! I woke up to a beautiful sunshiny day, but the clouds seem to have rolled in.  The optimist in me says, ‘April showers, bring May flowers!’ Keeping in mind that it is only March–but it’s almost April!

Spring is a time for renewal:  the buds begin to grow on trees, my flowers begin to poke through the ground!  Oddly enough, my tulips and daffodils have started to grow, however, the crocus in the yard have yet to poke through.  Rather strange.  I hope that the crocus haven’t given up yet!  They have only been in ground a few years.

My bird buddies are also beginning to come back.  I have seen several robins and there are some bluejays beginning to feed at the bowls I have out on the downstairs patio–such a welcome sight!

Spring is also the time that my cats go a little whackadoodle, but they seem rather subdued.  Mind you, they will be 15 years old this year.

Spring is also the time for cleaning–already done!  The organizing is also done, but I have discovered that the longer I have to look at my house, the more re-arranging I want to do!  I’ll get it right yet!

Closely behind the spring solstice is Easter and it’s a little early this year!  As a matter of fact, Easter Sunday is also my oldest daughter’s 26th birthday.  Here’s trivia for you today:  Everyone knows that Easter falls on a different weekend each year, but for those of you who don’t know why, here is the scoop:  Easter falls on the first weekend following the first full moon after the spring solstice.  How about that?  The first day of spring was yesterday (March 20th) and the full moon will be Wednesday (the 23rd). Next year, Easter Sunday won’t be until the 16th of April.  I have a friend whose birthday is on April 9th and she tells me that rarely is Easter on her birthday.  I believe that she said that it has happened only once in her lifetime and she will be 90 this year!

Lent, often associated with spring, is the time for the Tenebrae services that Cavan sings at.  For those of you who missed my blogs on Tenebrae, the word is Latin for darkness and ideally that church service is performed on Good Friday.  The St. Michael’s Alumni Choir sings at several, though.  One of which will be at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto on the 23rd.  It will be the first time that I have been in it since before the renovations.  It is a truly beautiful church and even though I am an Anglican attending a very Catholic service, the roof has yet to fall in on me.

Spring and autumn are my favourite seasons.  Spring because of the colors of the beautiful flowers and fall because of the lovely colors of the falling leaves.  Summer I don’t care for much because it is often too hot for me to enjoy the outdoors and winter is is generally too cold to want to be outdoors.

It will be nice when it is warm enough to enjoy my morning tea on the back deck!  I look forward to that.  We have a lovely swig on the deck–the perfect place to read a book with my tea!  Ah, the life of a retired person!

I pray that everyone has a wonderful week.  I am headed out tomorrow for an overnight at my oldest daughter’s place. God bless!


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