The Job Hunt


Happy Monday!  We have a beautiful sunny and warm day here in Cobourg, but I see my friends in Texas are having some major flood challenges.  Sometimes, I think Mother Nature is angry with us.  There seem to be so many weather and earth disasters, these last few years.  Please take a moment to pray for those in Ecuador, who lost their lives as a result of an earthquake and those remaining who have much work to do.

So, here I am about to blog on about job hunting, which seems to very trivial in light of so many issues in the world.  I don’t mean to imply that anything I blog about is a major issue.  I know that despite the challenges in my life, and they are quite minor compared to so many, I know that I am very blessed.  Truthfully, most of ‘my’ issues are not even mine, they are issues of my children that I as their only parent (at least the only one that keeps them in their life) will always be there to help them out.  At least as long as there is breath in my body.

In order to save my kids any student debt, I paid for their education and accommodations, while they were obtaining it.  My youngest has finished her last class and once she has written her final exams this week, she will be on her own.  At least almost.  I had a chat with her as to whether or not she could take over her rent, when she is done.  Unfortunately, this scared her, but we came to an agreement that I would contribute about one third of the rent and we would see how it goes.

During this conversation, she asked if I would resent her because I still had to help her out.  I was only concerned with continued assistance because I wasn’t sure how much she needed and if I had to supplement my pension to help her out.  Truthfully, Enbridge spoiled me by letting me work to my abilities and I know I’ll never find such a sweet arrangement.  That, of course, meant that I know that I cannot manage to work full time.

I don’t know about other parents, but for me, if I had to work full time and burn through all of my savings to help my kids out, I would never resent them.  It’s because I know that they are trying to manage on their own.

So, that brings me to the actual topic of job hunting.  I have decided for me, that I would like to work part time, if the right job came along and since I wander through the job hunting websites, I offered to help Kaitlyn with her job hunt.  She has been working retail while attending school and really hopes to find something at least remotely related to her field of study.  Interestingly enough, there seem to at least be a few jobs out there.  The challenge is that she doesn’t have much experience yet.  We just need to be persistent.

I have already sent her about 25 different jobs.  Her restriction is that she wants to stay in Toronto and more specifically, within subway range, meaning that Mississauga and Brampton are out.

We’ll see how the job hunt goes.  I’m not in the least bit of a hurry for me, but the sooner we get Kaitlyn on her career journey, the happier she will be.

Please send us job hunting energy!  I know there is something out there that can use her skills.  Any company would be delighted to have her.  She is so detail oriented, that she can tell you exactly why things aren’t selling in her market, and what should be done about it.  She is wise beyond her years because she is an old soul.  Let’s hope that something comes up before she loses the wind in her job hunting sails!

I pray that everyone manages to get through their challenges!  God bless!


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