Happy Monday everyone!  It has been very hot here–too hot for me to spend much time outside.  It seems like we had three months of March and now have jumped right into a deep hot summer!  I pray it isn’t this hot until autumn.

Today’s topic is moving.  I know folks that have moved many times in their lives.  I think one of my brothers has had 13 moves in his adult life.  I have had 7 moves in my adult life and that includes where I lived while I was going to college.  When I was growing up, I think the longest I lived in one house was 8 years, so we moved a lot, when I was a kid.  Mind you, the last house my father was in, before the lovely one he lives in now, I think he was in for 30 years.

I spent this past Friday and Saturday, helping my oldest daughter move.  Now, when I say help, I mean essentially I drove the van and helped with a few things.  Even that was more than enough to warrant several days of resting my MS.  Truly, the only real reason why I drove a van from where I am to there, which is 120 km (75 miles), is that I had furniture from here to take and furniture to pick up from Ikea on the way.  We then cleaned her new place, added some more furniture from the old place to the load and did the first load into the new place.  I got to sleep at the new place on the cuddle couch because there was no bed yet and was able to let in the internet guy in the Saturday morning, who took literally seconds to get the WiFi working.

We had guys to help us put three pieces of furniture together and picked up the second (and last!) load from the old place.  We got everything into the new place and quite a bit put away, but I had to call it a day and do the long trek back home, where I gassed up the van and dropped it off.  Mission accomplished!

I think this is my last move, though.  Even with what little I did, I was exhausted, and still am.  I had a dear friend visit for much of the day yesterday, and my honey cooked lunch and dinner, so I could just relax and catch up.  Today, despite paying a premium for hydro, I had to get laundry done.  And, of course, I have a book I am trying to finish!

I was trying to really take June, July and August off, but it seems I have at least one day a week booked through June.  Oh well, at least it is only one day a week!  My deacons course starts in June as well.  I’m really excited about that.

I have heard from many people that retirement is busy. They are right!  Stuff just slips in, to take the place of work.  It is so true for me!  Never a dull moment it seems.

I pray for a gentle week for all and may your own moves go smoothly, when the time comes.  God bless!


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