Good Sunday afternoon!  Sorry, I didn’t get my butt moving early enough to blog before noon!  It’s a rainy Sunday here in Cobourg and our pitiful grass really needs it!  The weeds, of course are thriving, but the grass needs work.

I’m blogging about family today.  Those of you who follow my blogs know that family means a lot to me.  We don’t get family visiting here much, which is a shame, because we have lots of room and even lots of places for folks to stay over.  It kind of makes me sad that they don’t visit, but I will confess that visitors do exhaust me and I need help with entertaining if folks are here.

Having said all that, it was great to see much of my family at Dad’s a couple of weeks ago.  My sister Linda was in from Vancouver with her lovely little one, so most of us got together there and it was great.  Sally always puts on a great spread and we have a great time catching up.  I was there on the Saturday, when most of us were there and then on the Victoria Day Monday, Alysse and I went in for a visit.  Little Alexandra is a darling and I’m so glad that Linda can make it in to visit so that we can see both of them.

Yesterday, Cavan and I were at his aunt and uncle’s home for a lovely visit (a delicious dinner!) and catch up.  Cavan’s mother, Edna,  was there as well and we brought her back with us, so that we can get her to a doctor’s appointment in the city tomorrow.  She is getting a cortisone shot in her knee that, hopefully, will relieve the pain.  Surgery is out of the question.  With the alzheimer’s, I’m afraid that she wouldn’t recover well as she would forget and get up to walk and land on the floor, possible injuring something else.

I will be back in the city on the Wednesday, visiting with some of my work family that I  have missed seeing since my retirement.  The following Wednesday, I will be attending a semi-annual IT retirees lunch, where I get to have a delightful lunch with those older IT folks from Enbridge (like me!) who have retired.  It will also be great fun!

Well, I guess I had best get upstairs to spend some time with Edna.  I have rhubarb pie to put in the oven and I have a leg of lamb to cook in the oven for dinner!  It’s always nice to have something special when folks visit.

So, I pray that everyone has a blessed and gentle week.  God bless!


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