Books and Reading


Happy Sunday, everyone!  It’s a little cool here in Cobourg, but I’m loving it.  If the entire summer was like this, it would work for me!

One of my great pleasures is reading. I enjoy writing too, but I absolutely love reading.  I am reading more since my surprise retirement, which is great, but I cannot seem to keep up with my friend Viv!  As Viv reads, she passes on her books to me and I thought I was doing well when I returned six books to her a couple of weeks ago, but she gave me nine more!  Who knew I would be so busy that I couldn’t keep up?

I actually have an entire bookcase dedicated to just the books she has given me to read over the last few years.  I actually have over 150 books of hers waiting for me to get to them!  It will be a few years before I get to my own books to read, that I have been buying, or been given.  But all in due time, I guess.  

Viv has about 130 books stacked up that she hasn’t read yet.  She has been keeping records of what she has read since January 1999.  She has read well over 1,000!  Each book is logged in a notebook, with the title, author, date she read it and a comment about the book.  I have been using Goodreads, at least for the last year or so, I guess, and it keeps track of the same information, as well as the rating I assign.

Viv just turned 90 this year, and although I am hoping that she will be around for another ten years, you never know.  She had a mini stroke last year, but has recovered nicely.  Anyway, I commented to her that she should let her sons know that I have a good chunk of her library is at my house, just in case it matters, when she passes on, but she said that she didn’t think they would care.  So, I guess, that whatever books I don’t get read before she’s gone are mine.  I am hoping that I live long enough to get through them all, as well as my own!

I should point out that although I am not opposed to Kindle or whatever eReader floats your boat, I still kind of prefer the physical book.  I guess it isn’t the best option for reading when you go away on vacation, but I generally pack the lighter books–paperbacks.  And boy, I have a lot of hardcovers.  Since the eReader, the cost of hardcover and even books in general (if you look for the deals), are cheaper than they used to be.  I am even finding that buying books online is cheaper than at the bookstore, too.

Whenever there is a book that I want, I check the prices at Chapters and Amazon for the best deal.  Cavan has free shipping with Amazon, but if I am buying a bunch of books from Chapters, that often doesn’t matter.  Although, I must say, often Amazon has the best price.

And now, for a bit of a plug for my books!  You can find all four at both Amazon and Chapters, by searching on ‘Janet K Warren.’  I noticed that the hardcover version is not yet there for ‘More Animals of the New Testament,’ but I am looking into that.

So, time to get back to reading!  I actually have a reading room, imagine that.

Enjoy your week and may it involve time for reading!  God bless!


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