Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s a toasty one here at 29 degrees Celsius, which is 84 degrees Fahrenheit to my southern friends. I’m later than normal getting a blog out, but since it is my birthday, that is my topic!

I used to get rather depressed on my birthday.  Not so much because I was getting older, but because I didn’t feel that I had really accomplished anything yet.  I didn’t expect to create world peace, or cure cancer, but I had always hoped to really do something worthwhile.  Not that I knew what that was.

I’m not sure if my birthday isn’t bothering me because I am retired, or because I have started along a whole new path that will allow me to do some things that I think are really worthwhile.  IT wasn’t it.  I did enjoy most of the 35 years I focused my energies on it, but it didn’t seem to be my actual purpose in life.  Along the way, I raised two wonderful girls on my own (perhaps a challenging task, but still not it), did quite a bit for the MS Society of Canada, Scarborough Chapter (again, a worthy task, but still not it) and wrote and published four books (also a challenging task, but still not it).

Now, I am on the path to be a deacon and I think this might be it! As deacons, we can perform weddings, baptisms and funerals, but I truly believe that my calling is to work with seniors.  I have actually been in contact with Seniors for Seniors, which I am hoping to do some work with, perhaps this fall.  They have not yet reached out as far as Cobourg, but I have connected with them, in the hopes that they will.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I can choose to study to be a priest after I am ordained a deacon, but I have not yet decided that yet.  I am leaning towards it, but I have a lot of soul searching to do yet. Deacon might be all I am called to do.  I’ll see.

So, folks, I just turned 58.  It’s not bothering me, and 30, 40 and 50 didn’t bother me, but I am wondering if 60 might bother me when I get there.  I guess that will partially depend on what I do over the next two years!  Right now, except for my course, I’m pretty much just trying to catch up on years of reading.  I was reading as fast as I could because I have over 100 of my friend Viv’s books and she is 90!  I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to read them if she passed away before I got through them, but she has now told me that whatever books I have when she’s gone I do not have to return to her family.  I’m still hoping that she’ll be around for another 10 years or so, and I might get through them by then, but you never know!

Well, everyone,I pray that you find your purpose in life, because the part before that just isn’t quite as satisfying.  God bless!


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