Happy Monday everyone! Here in the resort town of Cobourg, it’s a bit of a rainy day, but we welcome the rain, as our lawns and plants have craved it for so long!

Weather is one of the topics that everyone has something to say about.  I worked for a company with major offices in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Houston.  They also have many minor offices in many states and provinces. So, what was the first thing we talked about at the beginning of every meeting?  The weather. It was something we all experience and either rave or complain about.

We knew that often whatever was hitting our colleagues in Alberta was likely headed to Ontario in some form.  When colleagues from Houston came to Toronto in the winter, they were often treated to weather that they never see in Texas.  Sometimes, our ice and snow storms can be pretty frightening.  I found Houston rather rainy the only time I made it down there.  I was expecting warm weather, since it was January, and got quite a surprise.

I have also noticed a bit of a shift in the seasons here in Ontario, since I was a kid.  It used to be that July was the really warm month and August was a bit cooler, but now, it stays quite warm through August and even into September.  Winter sometimes doesn’t really get started until some time in January and where we used to get a lot of snow every winter, when I was a kid, some years we get very little.  This past year, I think we used the snowblower only once all winter.  Mind you, that was probably because Cavan bought a brand new stage two snowblower and like taking an umbrella out on what is expected to be a rainy day, it was like insurance that the expected weather did not appear.

Oh well!  I guess that Mother Nature likes to keep us guessing.  I suppose that weather is like the stock market.  You can’t really control it.  You can make reasonable assumptions, but you will rarely be able to make definitive ones.

There is also el nino and el nina.  Sorry, I don’t have a Spanish keyboard.  El nino I believe is supposed to create a very hot summer and conversely, el nina a rather cool one.  The weather folks try to predict the weather around those, but it never seems to be quite right.

The study of the Earth and weather patterns must be quite interesting.  The weather folks even seem to be able to tell us the POP (probability of precipitation), but it’s still only a reasonable, educated guess.

So folks, wherever you are and whatever weather you are experiencing, I pray that you are all safe and enjoying summer, which, to me, is a time for relaxing and spending time with family.

God bless!


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