The Grill Master


Happy Monday everyone! It’s a really nice day here in the resort town of Cobourg.  Today I know, not just because of the Weather Network info, but I was actually outside watering the plants out the front of my place and it was really lovely out.

Over the last few days, we had two barbeque events at our house.  One on Thursday for part of Cavan’s family and one on Saturday for part of my family.  It is so hard to get everyone together, especially once the kids are old enough to work! Of course, there is also the fact that folks are spread out and it is quite a distance to travel.  Well, we do what we can!

This blog is about Cavan, the Grill Master!  He has spent some time perfecting his craft and now even makes his own rub and sauce, although I am going to try my hand at paleo and celiac versions.  There won’t be much of a change.  I need to replace the brown sugar in the rub (likely with coconut palm sugar) and the ketchup in the sauce with a homemade paleo version, so that I am certain of the ingredients.

As to the actual grilling, Cavan has mastered that, for sure.  I should point out that we have a Napoleon barbeque that we have had for a number of years.  The Napoleon barbeques are a little pricy, but worth it!  They are well made and really last.  I think we replaced pretty much every other barbeque we had after only about five years.  We also own a Kamado smoker.  It is cheaper than the Big Green Egg, but it is truly amazing. Cavan has even smoked turkeys with that smoker!

Shortly, we will be the proud owner of a new smoker that will give him more room.  The Kamado, which is shaped like the Big Green Egg, doesn’t hold much more than about four full racks of ribs, so if you want to smoke chicken, or anything else at the same time as ribs or whatever, you are out of luck.  We just use the regular barbeque, rather than smoking the chicken. Or whatever we want to add.  I should point out that we will not be getting rid of the Kamado.  It is a fixture on our deck!

So, let’s get to the ‘meat’ of this blog.  Cavan put on a ten pound pork shoulder the Wednesday night to smoke for pulled pork.  It was amazing.  He also barbequed chicken. So, he looked after the carnivore part of the menu and I put together some salads for the herbivore part of the menu.  For our Saturday guests, we heated up the pulled pork and Cavan smoked three full racks of ribs.  The ribs only take about five hours. Everyone loved the food.  Again I prepared a couple of salads.

We are now planning a barbeque with our neighbours.  I need a week or two to rest up, as I am really exhausted from having the other two barbeques close together, but I wouldn’t change a thing!  I was so glad to have family visit!

Well, that’s it for now, folks.  I pray that everyone has a blessed week.  God bless you all!


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