Lazy Ass


Happy Tuesday!  It’s a rainy one here in the resort town of Cobourg and only the second decent rainy day we have had since the beginning of summer.  The grass and  plants are very happy, although at least we did keep up with watering the plants.  The grass, not so much, and it is pretty much dead I’m afraid.

I don’t really have a planned topic for this rather late blog.  I was in the city Sunday and Monday, so I didn’t get to my blog until now.  I was also rather neglectful of my daily prayers on my Facebook ‘fan’ page.  I will confess that I do not have many fans anyway, so perhaps it wasn’t really missed.  I have only about 130 fans (I know, pretty sad, right?).  On Twitter, however, I now have about 6,720 followers!  Wahoo, who knew an old gal like me could do that?  I am actually getting a lot of retweets.  Most of what I tweet is Bible and other inspirational quotes.  I will also confess that although I have never bought any followers, I have invested money in a company that tweets about my books.  I haven’t seen any real results (translation:  book sales) yet, but it has only been a couple of weeks.  I’ll at least give it a couple of months.

Since I mentioned that I was in the city, I shall enlighten you on why I was there!  The Sunday was spent at my oldest daughter, Alysse’s place.  We had a baby shower for her step-sister, Victoria.  Please note that Victoria is not related to me, but since she is kind of disowned, I do my best to let her know that we care about her.  My youngest daughter Kaitlyn was able to join us as well.  Alysse cooked up some delicious food–lamb meatballs, cassava, sweet potato and bacon perogies, bacon wrapped chicken, etc.  A paleo delight!  Victoria was thrilled with her gifts and I went at least partly practical with a big box of diapers and a big box of baby wipes.  We also got some lovely little outfits.  Shavoy, the baby daddy was thrilled with the little camouflage outfits and they both loved the tuxedo sleeper.  We also got tiny socks and little blanket and stuff.  The little boy is due on September 4th.

Yesterday, I spent with my friend Viv.  We got some errands run–picking up a prescription, banking, mailing a letter, purchasing a new mixer and even had lunch out. It was a lovely visit.  Oh yes, we also went to see the movie Florence Foster Jenkins, which we really enjoyed. I think I’ll try to get in to see Viv at least once a month–perhaps even twice–to help her get thing like that done.  Especially at Christmas.  At 90, she still takes the bus and subway, but I think I would rather help her take care of these things.

Well, I didn’t have a topic for this entry because I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it.  Basically, I guess it was just an update of what I did.  Hm, that’s not very exciting.  Perhaps I need to think about what I really want my focus to be now that I am retired.  I’m sure that many of you have heard that if you want something done, give it to a busy person.  I know that to be true.  When I was busy, I had to schedule time for those requests.  Now that I have tons of time on my hands, I still need to schedule things, or they don’t get done.  Truly, my house should be spotless and there should be no chores on the list.  But alas, it is too easy to just put off to tomorrow, what I don’t feel like doing today.  

Yup, I’ve turned into a lazy ass. In my defence, and this is pretty lame, I am feeling the fatigue of my MS even more since I retired, than I did before. We had family over for barbeques, only nine people on a Thursday and then nine more on the Saturday and I was pretty much useless for much of last week.  How sad is that? I guess that I should be thankful that I managed to work fulltime for more than 20 years after my diagnosis.  It seems to be much more than most people get.  Perhaps I have just earned a restful retirement?  But then it is strange to go from being so busy to not doing much.  Then again, my body may be reminding me that that is exactly what I am supposed to do.

So, I am at the end of my musings.  I pray that everyone has a gentle week and that the rain revives my very neglected grass.  God bless!


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