Friends and Family


Happy Tuesday!  It’s been over a week since I last blogged, but I just had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a time for friends and family and, of course, lots of food!

I should firstly say, if you read my last blog, that I was reasonably proud of my gospel reading at church last weekend.  I have much to do before I stop stumbling over words, but I was pretty good.  The surprise of the day was this lovely lady I met in the kitchen of the church, when when was introduced to me said “I love your daily prayers on Facebook!  They are so timely and inspiring!”  I have to admit that it felt so good to know that someone that I had never even met before appreciated my daily prayer.

Fast forward to this past weekend and it was a great time for friends and family.  Saturday, we were at my Dad’s for a lovely dinner.  Sally provided the delicious ham and the rest of us contributed.  There was so much food!  It was awesome.  Even my daughters made it. I think there were 17 of us for dinner.

Sunday was a turkey dinner at my place for my daughters and Cavan, and Victoria (my daughters’ step sister), Shavoy and their darling little 5 week old baby Caleb.  I’m so glad that we were able to get together for a Thanksgiving dinner.  The turkey turned out great and Cavan put on a prime rib roast for him and Shavoy.  Alysse helped me a lot in the kitchen with meal preparation and cleanup.  There was a bit of a kerfuffle in the week, though.  I thought that no-one really liked the stuffing, so I wasn’t going to make any.  Fortunately, Alysse set me straight in time to get the supplies we needed to make the stuffing.  It turned out great!

Along with Alysse, we get to visit with Dallas her dog.  She had dropped the dog off on her way to Napanee, and since I had already put my cats into my bedroom with the door closed (it’s okay, I put a litter box in my ensuite bathroom and food in the bedroom), we let Dallas have the run of the house.  It wasn’t the best idea, because I didn’t think the dog could, or would, jump on the table or the counters.  Well, she jumped on the table and knocked the cover off the butter, licking the plate clean, ate some of the apple pie I baked, pooped on the carpet in the front room and threw up on the carpet in the living room.  Oh yes, and ate a whole row of cookies from the package on the counter.

Oh well, dogs will be dogs.  Alysse bought a new pie, although I told her it was not necessary. Anyway, Alysse went to visit with friends in Bailieboro Saturday night and feeling it was best, closed Dallas in the downstairs bathroom.  Well, the poor thing cried and cried, so I went downstairs, let her out and slept with her in the guest bedroom.  That went fine, until Dallas started throwing up on the bed at 6am, and the carpet got some too.  I have a new carpet cleaner, so bedclothes went into the washer and the rest was good as new after the carpet cleaner took care of it.  It seems that I need to learn to dog proof the house!  That’s okay, it’s likely the same as childproofing the house and Caleb is a ways from moving around on his own, so I’ll get good at it, I’m sure.

The holiday Monday was a rather quiet day–catching up on laundry and the last of the dishes.  Alysse had gone the night before to visit (taking Dallas with her, this time) with friends and came back at about noon, so we watched a couple of movies and had tea.  She headed back into the city after dinner.  It was so great to see the girls this weekend! I will be glad when Kaitlyn gets more time off, so that she can spend more than 24 hours with me.  She headed back into the city with Victoria, Shavoy and Caleb, Sunday night.

So, a good time was had by all, I believe.  I know that I had a good time and was so glad to see everyone.  Now we are back to regular routines, such as they are for someone who is retired.  Tomorrow, I am meeting with Rev. Karen Bellamy at Golden Plough Lodge.  I still believe that my ministry will be working with seniors, so I’m going to chat with her about what she does there.  Should be fun.

I pray that everyone has a gentle week.  God bless!


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