Happy Monday! It’s a lovely day out here in Cobourg–really warm for a November day.  Let’s avoid the snow as much as possible!  I’m hoping that we get little snow this year, but the predictions are suggesting a snowy and cold winter this year.  Oh well, foodstuffs stocked up.  I guess I can manage for a while.

Yesterday was ordination!  It was also a beautiful sunny day and remarkably warm for November.  What a wonderful group at the church.  A good sized congregation and then the eight of us ordained as deacons and two as priests.  I found it a very moving service and was especially moved at the wording of the hymns chosen.  I am so thrilled to be part of this wonderfully warm and welcoming church.

There is part of me that was concerned about being worthy, but Father Thomas’s sermon put my mind at rest.  Jesus didn’t pick the perfect, he picked flawed people and made them his disciples.  We must rely on guidance from the Divine to carry out His work.

I have a few things to do to finish my preparations–business cards, meeting with some people, etc., to get this part of my journey really on the way but that is okay.  I worked on some of the easy stuff today, like updating LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but there is much to be done.

I mentioned the possibilities I have set up to contact, in last week’s blog–extendicare, hospice, funeral services.  I think that when I get new business cards, I’ll see the funeral homes in and around Cobourg.  That’s the great thing about the Community Catholic Church of Canada–we’re flexible.  We are all inclusive and even offer non-denominational assistance, so I might be able to fill a need here.  We’ll see.  I shall keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities around here and I’m sure that there is a place for me somewhere.

Also, I have committed to the priest course and even ordered the first three of the books I will need.  There is lots of reading for this course, but I am up to the task.  I do have a bit of a ‘holiday’ coming up first, though.  My friend Viv and I have our bus tour to Frankenmuth coming up this weekend.  I don’t plan to do much shopping, but it should be a good time nonetheless

Well, my friends, I must confess that the excitement of the last few weeks has taken it’s toll on my MS, so I’m making this blog short.  I will try to get a blog done Saturday before I head out, but if not I may miss a week, but stay tuned, I’ll update you, at the latest, in two weeks, with my deacon journey and the Frankenmuth trip.

God bless you all.  Enjoy your own journey, and if you are in Ontario and are feeling the call to do God’s work, let me know.  There is a new deacon’s course kicking off in January and you, too, could be a member of this growing, loving church!


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