Busy, Busy, Busy Again!


Happy Sunday, everyone!  I just finished a ridiculously busy week and I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit this week and finally getting the rest of the Christmas decorating done, and possibly finishing the hospice and palliative care course I started over a week ago and didn’t get back to.

I probably mentioned in the last blog that we spent the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December in Toronto for the St. Michael’s Choir School Concert. I was home on the Sunday night and managed to write my annual newsletter, get my Christmas cards done and in the mail and even blog on Monday.

Tuesday we were off again.  This time to Sudbury so that Cavan could meet with a new customer and schmooze with a customer he has had for years.  I got to have breakfast with Linda Lou, the daughter-in-law of my dear friend Viv and quite enjoyed our chat.  Viv lost her son Ken to a heart attack a few years ago and so Linda Lou has been on her own for a while.  She is always busy with activities like tennis and work, so it was nice she could find some time to chat with me.

We were able to head home on Wednesday evening.  We only caught some snow on and off.  I was kind of worried that we might hit some severe snow squalls, as the weather network was calling for some, but we were lucky.

I got to be home for the day on Thursday, when I managed to fit in a pedicure and my weekly friendly visit with the lovely couple I have been assigned by Community Care Northumberland.

Friday morning we jumped into the car again!  This time, we headed for Ogdensburg.  Cavan has a mailbox there, where he can have things sent that cannot be delivered to Canada.  Cavan was stocking up on printer ink that he was finding at amazing prices.  If you need such a service, it is called MyUSaddress and for $6 each, they will accept your packages.  It costs nothing to use the service, and he had it for over a year before he actually did use it.  For $29 per package (plus duty), they will send it to you.  We had six packages to pick up, so it was way more cost effective to go pick them all up and so, it addition to tolls for the bridge and gas, it cost him $78 in duty, which was really the GST (or maybe HST, I’m not sure which).

So, back on the same day, then a quick nap and up to visit a friend in Lindsay, which is the only place that has good fish and chips, since Stanley’s closed here in Cobourg.

Well, finally home for a while and yesterday, I caught up with laundry and kitchen tidying.  Today, I am finally actually resting, more or less.  Tomorrow, I get to the rest of the Christmas decorating, and hopefully, some time to work on that course.  The course part isn’t critical, but I would like to get it done.

Cavan is contemplating another visit to Sudbury.  The hard drives are failing on three of the computers up there, so depending on whether they decide to replace all of the hard drives or not, he may head up.  I’m hoping not.  This isn’t the best time of year to be doing that trip and the weather was in our favour this week.  Would we be so lucky to have it be good enough to try the trip again?

Well, that is the excitement for the moment.  I’m planning on a quiet week and if I get ambitious, I’ll take pictures of my decorating work and blog that next week.

Stay well!  Stay safe, if you are travelling and until next time, God bless!


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