Merry Christmas!


Happy Saturday! This week, starting tomorrow, is another busy week–dinner at Cavan’s aunt and uncle’s place, time in the city visiting with my friend Viv, Cobourg Accessibility Advisory Committee Meeting, Cavan’s mom’s knee surgery and then a massage therapy appointment to work out the kinks from the week!  Then, of course, Saturday is Christmas Eve and that night my kids are coming.  Christmas Day will be at my dad’s and Boxing Day Victoria and Shavoy will be coming with their little one!  Whew!!  It’s a good thing all the decorating is done and gifts are wrapped!  Even the stocking stuffers are sorted!

So, I tried to add pictures of my decorating, but that didn’t work, except for the featured image, so try to imagine….

Decorating wore me out this year, but I’m happy with it. I spend time on Twitter for ideas….

I love this tree in my living room.  As soon as I walked into this house, I knew I had to buy it for the nine foot window that is perfect for a nine foot tree!

The forest, as Cavan calls it, is in my rec room.  I had put up a few trees one year and Cavan commented on the forest.  That threw out the gauntlet of challenge, so now I put out all of my trees.  There are actually 25 there.  I don’t know if you can see them all or not, but it includes the Christmas tree night light.

The light fixture in the dining room, I think really needs to have ornaments dangle lower, but they were Martha Stewart ornaments, so I just went with the ribbons they had this year.

The dining room window, I hung some ornaments on.  I was working on random lengths, but wasn’t as successful as I had hoped.

The kitchen ideas I got from Twitter and would have done ribbon and bows on more cupboard doors, but I ran out of ribbon.  Next year. I think I will go with plain red velvet ribbon.

Then, I decorated the rail around the stairs.  I had the poinsettia string from years before, the string of little stockings from last year and then, from a Twitter idea, I added the presents.  I think it looks pretty good, although the poinsettia string doesn’t stay quite where I want it.  Oh well, I like it anyway.

So, have a merry Christmas everyone.  I don’t know if I will fit in a blog Christmas Eve or not, but I will try.  God bless!


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