Happy New Year!


Happy Sunday and prayers for a wonderful and prosperous new year to all! Here we are beginning yet another new year.  A clean slate! A new page! Out with the old and in with the new! Get all those new year’s resolutions ready and try to keep some of them!

It has been such a busy time for me that I haven’t even thought about new year’s resolutions.  I plan to get back to the Whole30 diet tomorrow.  Not so much to lose weight, although that is a wonderful side effect, but because I just feel like crap when I eat crap. I don’t remember if I blogged about my Whole30 attempt back in November or not.  I followed it carefully for two weeks and then got that terrible cold that was going around.  Plus, I also had my Frankenmuth trip and it was not impossible to follow then, but it was a challenge.

I will say that I did lose 6 pounds during those 2 weeks, so it was obviously getting a lot of crap out of my system.

I have no trips or anything planned this month, so this should be a good time to get back to it.  If anyone else is interested in giving it a try, just do search for whole30 out there on the web and you will find all kinds of resources.  I can tell you that I was never hungry, I had lots to eat and I never once felt deprived.  It’s pretty easy to stick to and if you are already into the paleo lifestyle, it just adds a few new twists, like not allowing ANY sugar substitutes.  So, no honey, no coconut palm sugar, no maple sugar…

I think that the sugar detox is what I need the most. Especially after Christmas, since I wasn’t even sticking to paleo.  I also know that I feel much better when I stay away from the grains, especially wheat.

I also got away from the exercise in December, so my body is feeling that.  I do have a great chiropractor and massage therapist and between the two, they keep me upright, when my MS seems to want me to lean to one side.  The exercise also helps with that.  Nothing crazy, because I can’t even get up the stairs if I go too strenuous, but I like the T-Zone and then the yoga and stretches

So, it seems that I do have some new year’s resolutions, or at least one that is really to get back on track and feel better.  I have almost finished the Hospice and Palliative Care course and I have the priest course to continue.  Lots on the horizon, which means that I expect that this year will fly by as well.

I want to again wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous new year!  Stay safe and may God bless you and your family.


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