Hi, It’s me!


Happy Sunday! We’ve been having some snow fall today, so it seemed a good day to get a little crochet project done, blog and finish the laundry.  I’ll read if I get to it, but I seem to be so good at just puttering and not accomplishing much of anything these days!  If I actually schedule it, it does get done, but the rest I putter my way through.

As for the blogging, I was having trouble coming up with a topic for today, but had pinned a bunch of social media ideas on Pinterest, so I went there for an idea.  Most of them don’t apply because I’m not trying to make any money off this–although I would like to sell some books–I’m not reviewing products or websites. I’m not interviewing anyone, or doing any how to stuff.  I’m just trying to write something that might be of interest to folks and I don’t actually think that I’m much good at that.

It seems that I began blogging in February of 2014, so I’ve been at this for three years.  It started as part of a public relations thing with my publisher, to sell books.  I have to say then that the mission has not been accomplished, but then it is also true of the other social media I got into.  I’m just not into trying to make a sale.  Not that I was arrogant enough to believe that my books would sell like hotcakes on their own.  I mean aside from the fact that the demographic for the books is pretty specific–Christians of ages three to six–it’s tough to sell any books unless you are a well known author.  I don’t think that a blog, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest are going to do that, but then I’m also no marketing genius, that’s for sure.

So, let’s start new.  I am Janet K. Warren and I live in the little town of Cobourg on the north shore of Lake Ontario.  I’m retired from the IT world, having spent about 35 years doing computer ‘stuff.’ I have had multiple sclerosis for over 22 years and raised two lovely girls on my own since their father left me about 23 years ago.  I love to read and crochet, although the MS does slow down the crocheting a bit.  I am a deacon for the Community Catholic Church of Canada and studying to be a priest.  For those of you who are Roman Catholics, the Community Catholic Church separated sometime around 1860, and yes, we have women clergy members.

I think that covers the basics.  For family, I obviously have two children, but I am also the second oldest of eight children, six of whom are adopted (including me!), so I have a fairly big extended family. My hubby, Cavan, comes from a family of four boys, of which he is the oldest.  Cavan and I have been together since 2003.

Cavan lost his father in 2010 and I lost my mother in 2005 and my oldest brother in 2009.  It is never easy to go through loss, we have decided, but as a wise friend once told me; ‘you never get over it, you just learn to live with it.’ I have also lost three cats, since I got my first one in 1985.  Even losing a pet leaves a hole in your life.

So life goes on and you set goals and work at achieving them.  I have recently taken training on palliative care, which is where I would like to see my ministry going.  Oddly enough I feel most comfortable with young children and rather old people.  It was suggested to me that perhaps I feel most comfortable with people who have either just come from God, or are returning home soon.  Interesting.

Spirituality and religion have always been part of my life and these days, I am feeling like I need it to be a bigger part of my life, hence the studies.  If all goes well, I shall be ordained a priest in June.

Well, folks, that, in a nutshell, is me. I lead a rather unexciting life, but I like it that way and I prefer that there not be too many demands on me time, as I do get worn out fairly quickly.  I am blessed that my MS is not much worse, but fatigue is a challenge.

I pray for all, that you have the life that resonates best with you and that perhaps you will pop into my blog and see how I am doing from time-to-time.  God bless.


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