Something New!


Happy Sunday!  I pray that everyone is well and enjoying a relaxing day. It’s snowing quite a bit here, but I have nowhere I need to be except home.  I pray that all who need to travel in this weather arrive at their destination safely.

I wasn’t going to blog about this for a while yet, but there’s no time like the present, right? I have started yet another diet.  This will come as no surprise to anyone, I’m sure, as I have blogged about my paleo journey and the Whole30 that I attempted.

I have been dieting on and off all my life, going back to when I was a kid and wasn’t allowed my peanut butter on toast, because I was the only overweight one in the house. Unfortunately, that only made me want it more, so I got into sneaking food. I was also the only one that was required to attend the YMCA every Saturday for an exercise class and, on my list of chores, had ‘exercise’ listed and no-one else did.  I’m not saying I was hard done by, but the one thing I learned from all of that was that my size was unacceptable and so I have beat myself up about it all my life.

I lost weight in college because I couldn’t afford to eat much, but gained it back bit by bit when I started working, so I joined Weight Watchers and got down to 123 lbs. It, of course was not possible to maintain. I lost weight for my wedding, I lost weight before I got pregnant, I was too stressed out as a single mother to do anything for many years after that until I did the cookie diet with Cavan and we both lost 60 lbs. That diet is far from maintainable, so much of that weight came back on, although I have never again hit my heaviest.

I tried paleo and I did lose some weight and, better than that, I felt better, staying off the grains.  It could have been maintainable, but I got lazy.  I then tried to kick start it with the Whole30, twice.  The first time lasted about 15 days and the second lasted about 22. I do think I was on the right track and if I stick to the lifestyle, I do fine.

Then I was talking with a friend in Calgary, who started her family on the keto diet.  She sent me some information and I did quite a bit of research myself. It is very similar to paleo, except it is low carb and high fat, so still no grains or legumes, but out with root vegetables and fruit, and add back the dairy. The idea is to get your body into ketosis, where it uses fat for energy rather than sugar (and I have fat to spare, so it makes sense!).

I started on Monday and today being Sunday, this is day 7.  I have lost about 5 pounds so far, so it seems something that makes sense for me.  Cavan is on it too because he has hit the heaviest he has ever been.  A couple of observations:  I kind of miss my fruit smoothie in the morning and I seem to dirty way more dishes.  We have bacon and eggs in the morning and make sure that we get lunch, which we were skipping, which may have been part of our problem.

We have also added other things to this mix.  I know from my programmer days that you shouldn’t change more than one thing at a time because you won’t find out what fixed the problem, but I have this stuff in the house, so let’s go all out.  We are also having a cup of warm water first thing in the morning with 2 tablespoons each of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice.  I had been doing this for quite a while anyway and it’s supposed to kick start your metabolism for the day.  We also have Dr. Gundry’s Vital Reds, which are just plain good for you, and with breakfast and dinner, we have two capsules of apple cider vinegar and two capsules of coconut oil.  Also good stuff.

We have had some delicious dinners and I am finding some wonderful recipes online. I have yet to find a good chocolate dessert that we both like (without flour, the consistencies aren’t great), and I need to find a hot chocolate that Cavan is happy with.  He is still getting sugar with his daily hot chocolate, that I need to fix.

All in all, this is going well, but it has only been a week.  It needs to be a life style and it takes at least two weeks to get your body into ketosis, so we have a while to go yet. I have had failure after failure, but who knows, this might be the one that sticks!  It’s manageable and Cavan isn’t hungry on it.  I rarely get hungry, so any diet works for me from that respect.

I’ll do an update in a few weeks and we’ll see where we are at!

In the meantime, stay safe in whatever nasty weather you may be having!  God bless!


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