Shameless Flogging


Happy Sunday! It’s a beautiful sunny day here in the resort town of Cobourg. It feels like spring!  Should we be so lucky?

I was at church this morning, at St. Peter’s Anglican Church here in Cobourg.  It is a beautiful old church and will be 200 years old in 2019.  This is only the second time I have been there and they have a new priest who has only been there three Sundays, including today!  I was there for three reasons, I guess.  One, I hadn’t been to church for a while, two, I had a book to drop off (more about that later) and three, I am studying to write sermons and I thought I should really hear a few, which I hadn’t done for a while.

I think the study of writing sermons is the most challenging of the priest course, at least so far.  I am learning so much, though and I actually look forward to presenting one day.  It will be nerve wracking, I’m sure, but it will be fine.  I have the study book to get through and a lovely mentor to work with, as well as the classes. How could I not possibly succeed?  I’m not expecting to knock my first sermon out of the park, but I believe it will go well.

So, back to my thought about the book at St. Peter’s.  As many know, I have written four books. They are children’s books based on stories in the bible.  I have donated copies to a few places, including St. Peter’s, but it was at the time when only three of the four were published.  So, essentially, I owed them a book, which I handed over to Jan, the Sunday School teacher today.

In light of my shameless flogging, I am shamelessly flogging my books, which are selling at a trickle at best.  I did sell one of each of the four yesterday to a friend, who wanted them for another niece or nephew.  At this rate, I shall not sell all of the ones I have in my lifetime, but who knows, if I keep plugging away, I may find the right group of folks who will buy a bunch of them!  I am the eternal optimist, after all.

For those of you who don’t know, the books are for children from about the ages of three to six.  Each book has four stories from verses of the bible.  Each story is from an animal’s point of view, which makes the story memorable for the children.

This blog is to remind folks about the books and, hopefully, entice you to purchase one or two, or all four!  You can find them at my personal website: or the book website  They are sold online at Amazon and Indigo/Chapters, as well as quite a few other online booksellers.  You can go to any online bookseller and do a search on ‘Janet K Warren’ and you should find them.

The books are really good for teaching the bible stories to small children.  Because of the animals, they are more likely to remember the story.

Hey, another blog at an end!   Have a great week everyone.  God bless!


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