Further Cat Troubles


Happy Sunday! It’s a sunny one out there today, although perhaps the calm before the storm, as we are expecting snow tomorrow.  We were planning to go into the city Tuesday (Cavan to a work luncheon and me, just get beaten at Scrabble a few more times!), but we will see.  It’s not worth fighting snow over. Today, we are in the city for Cavan’s mother’s 85th birthday. We’re having dinner at his brother Sean’s. It will be a nice get together!

As to further cat troubles… I always swore that only three things wake me in the night–the phone, kids and cats.  Well, my kids are grown and on their own and they were the only ones that might have called past my bedtime, so now I just get woken by cats.

Jett, my only remaining cat has always woken me, about every other month or so, throwing up whatever was in his stomach. He has a habit of eating stupid stuff, like the lint off the bathroom mats, and plants, of course, but none of my plants are poisonous, and I think that a little greenery is good for cats. I, of course, leap out of bed and clean it up right away.  Fortunately, he throws up in my bedroom on the hardwood floor, so that at least I am not cleaning carpets in the middle of the night. I even have a flashlight in my night table, so that I don’t wake Cavan.

Well, Saturday morning, Jett didn’t start his issues until about 7am. Just getting me ready for the time change, I’m sure!  This time was different, though.  He threw up on the rug in the livingroom. But that was only the beginning, at least the beginning of what I saw.  He had also pooped in one of his cat beds (yes, there are two). That was really unusual, because he is really good about using the litter box, unless he is upset about something, like my daughter’s dog visiting. But it was the sign that I knew something was wrong.

He then kept squatting like he wanted to poop, but couldn’t.  He wasn’t straining or anything. He would even half lie down looking quite upset and would drop a spot of diarrhea here and there in the house. Poor fella.  It was too early to call our vet, as they didn’t open until 9am.

This went on for about an hour and then he had a regular poop (on the carpet in the basement, yay!) and then he seemed to be fine.  There was no blood in the stool, or anything, and he didn’t seem to be in any pain, just somewhat distressed that it was happening. As was I, I must say.

Any of us who love our little fur babies know how distressing it is when they are not well and watch them like a hawk, until we reach the point that whatever it was seems to pass, or we run them to the vet to see what’s going on.  In this case, it did pass and he had a long nap and then was eating and drinking fine, so I believe he is back to his noisy old self. As a matter of fact, he is sleeping on the blanket in front of my monitor, as I type this (which is why I use a keyboard tray).

I got to clean floors and spot clean rugs and carpets yesterday–oh boy! Swiffer Vacs and Swiffer WetJets are great inventions and I love the Bissel spot cleaner! But the good thing is that it is over now and all is right with the world, as he lays here snoring oblivious to the worry he caused.  But then, it’s what we do, right?

So, God bless you all, and your fur babies and may God especially bless all of you and your pets with good health!


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