Busy Times


Happy Sunday! It’s a sunny day out here and actually above freezing, melting the snow we got this week.  Yay!

I’m looking at a bit of a busy week this week.  Heading into the city tomorrow for a physical, and then my selfish nail appointment and in the evening, I’m going to see the show ‘Book or Mormon’ at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto with my youngest daughter.  I haven’t decided if I’m heading home after that, or staying over for some Scrabble with Viv. Wednesday is a dental appointment.  Thursday is the friendly visit and the priest class. Then I wrap up the week with a couple of meetings and my selfish pedicure!  A stellar week, but busy.

I had almost forgotten to blog! I know that I do it mostly for myself, as I don’t actually have many blog followers, but I do like to put something out there, so matter how short.

I was so thrown off today with timing, as I was involved in the Community Catholic Church of Canada cyber Sunday service this morning. I got to write and present the homily.  I had written one for class a couple of weeks ago, but I have to say that I truly enjoyed writing and delivering another one. Perhaps this is the reason why I was drawn to writing?

I have much to learn yet about writing and delivering homilies, but I am enjoying the opportunity and the journey.  We will be doing these services weekly, but after today, I think we decided that live is a challenge.  We are talking about putting it together a day or two ahead and that way, we can edit. Unfortunately, we cannot edit the sounds of my cat requesting attention during my homily, but perhaps it is entertaining, anyway.

For any of you who would like to tune in, you will find us as the Spirit of Love Ministries on Blogtalkradio.  You can even set up a reminder to tune in each week. We expect to put a service out there for 10:30am Eastern.

I’m actually pretty excited about this.  The experience was great, and as anyone knows, there are any number of challenges with radio, especially, if there are several people involved in the show and we are all in different locations.  It was fun, nonetheless.

So, tune in next week (I hope you will!), and see what we are up to.

I thank those who did tune in.  I hope you found it worthwhile!  God bless everyone, have a gentle week!


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