Happy Tuesday! I’m finding that difficult to say, based on the events in Manchester yesterday, but that is how I start all my blogs, and my Facebook prayer posts, as well. It boggles the mind what must go on in the heads of people who cause tragedies such as the one yesterday.

Ariana Grande said there are no words. I struggle myself to find words.  I don’t often write on tragedies because the words I express cannot possibly make it better. The words I express cannot possibly communicate the fear, the anger, the puzzlement or the outrage that anyone must feel.

I understand that ISIS has taken responsibility and that one person died at the event and one person was later taken into custody. What is wrong with the world? As Erin Davis pointed out in her journal today:  How can the world be such a beautiful and awful place? There are so many great things going on in the world and yet there is so much hate and so much tragedy. How is this so? There is so much abundance for everyone.

It puzzles me. I will never understand hate.  I believe that perhaps it stems from jealousy in many cases, and often perhaps ignorance. The level of hate or anger that can cause such an event in unfathomable to me.Why did it happen? And why there? They were just kids, or mostly just kids, out having a good time at an enjoyable event. An eight year old girl was one of the victims. A child who had so much ahead of her in life, so many expected years, so many expected events.  All snuffed out by someone who didn’t even know her. Someone with some sort of misguided mission to kill.  How awful.

Can’t we just get along? We each have differing views on how we should lead our lives. That is unfortunate, because I believe that everyone should be kind, loving and caring. I know that there are many different customs, religions, languages and beliefs, but think of what we could do if we were all loving. Just to be super idealistic, if we were all loving and giving, we wouldn’t need wars, or armies, or equipment like guns. Think of how abundant life would be then, for everyone!

My kids always said that I like to believe in rainbows and unicorns. Yes, I like to believe the best in people and I think that it is possible and might be the only thing that saves the world from eventual destruction. We have enough to deal with the weather issues any regions face:  tornados, hurricanes, drought, floods, etc. We cannot control the weather, but we could control ourselves.

Let’s send a prayer to the world! For everyone!

Heavenly Father, we ask that you bless each and everyone on this planet, that we find a calm and loving way to deal with each other. That instead of reaching out a hand to push someone away, we reach out a hand to comfort. That our first instinct be to try to understand each other and when we cannot, we accept each other’s differences. We ask for your assistance in building a loving world that you will be proud of and that we will be proud of. We ask for forgiveness for our past frustrations and poor judgement and ask that you guide us to a calm place, where we truly help each other and build a safe world where we have no hesitation to go wherever we wish to enjoy this wonderful planet you have entrusted to us. We ask for your abundance to be seen and held by all, that we have no need for jealousy, or fear or hatred and that those feelings completely disappear from our thoughts, and never even be felt by the children we are raising, And may we radiate the love that you give us so abundantly, that everyone we encounter can see you in us.  We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Well, dear friends, that prayer has uplifted me from the doldrums that I felt based on the Manchester tragedy. If we all pray this and remember that ‘when two or more are gathered together we will have our request granted.’ We have something pretty powerful. God bless!


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