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Happy Sunday! We’re still waiting for the sun, after several days of rain, but I am blessed to be able to say that we have had no flooding here. Spring seems to appear for a day or two and then it chills out again, but at least the flowers are showing.  My tulips have yet to bloom, but the daffodils are out.

It has been some time since I have blogged about my books.  That is pretty much because I have been quite caught up in the priest course I have been taking, as well as the community work I am doing as a deacon.  My books are, of course, still available and still not selling like hotcakes.

I will one day find my audience and will sell a few, I’m sure, but since retirement, my focus has changed a bit.  My focus with the books was, of course, the Bible and although I have moved away from the books, I guess I can still say that my focus is the Bible, although even more of the content and the teachings of Jesus, most specifically, to love thy neighbour.

I am doing two friendly visits a week with a couple of lovely ladies, and I have monthly accessibility advisory meetings to help those in need.  I have also begun visiting with palliatives and find that quite fulfilling. I am hoping that the palliatives do, on some level.  Thus far, the palliatives I have had the opportunity to visit have been unresponsive, so it may be the family that gets more out of my visit than the palliative themselves.

But. back to the books. I still believe that they are helpful to Christian children from the ages of 3 to 6. I think that particularly Sunday schools would benefit.  If you want to have a look, go to  All four books are shown there. The links will take you to, however, they are also available at, and most if not all of the Amazon websites.

These make great gifts for young children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Each of the four books has six stories. Each of those stories is a Bible story told from an animal’s point of view.  This will make it easy for the child to remember the story.  That makes 24 stories and I haven’t duplicated an animal yet!

You will read of Noah’s ark from the dove’s point of view, the walls of Jericho from a dog’s point of view, Daniel in the lion’s den from a lioness’ point of view.  I think they are kind of cute and the illustrations are lovely

All books are available in hardcover, softcover and ebook, although for small children, I think that the hardcover is the most durable.

So, consider purchasing one or two (or the whole set!) and read them to your little ones. It will be a nice way to enjoy a little Bible reading from a different point of view.

Well, that’s about all the marketing I can manage.  Marketing is not my thing, but it seems that if you write, you also need to market, or the books just stay in the boxes, or on the shelves. I think that once I reach out to the right group, my books will find a home.

And, it’s time to get onto other things! I had the pleasure of delivering the homily for our Sunday cyber service, which you will find here:  I was also at St. George’s Anglican church in Gore’s Landing today for service.  This has become a big part of my life now and I love it! And not that I have blogged, I have some other things that need to be taken care of!

May you find what you love to do!  God bless!


Book Marketing


Happy Sunday!  A day of rest for most, I hope.  It’s a cooler day today, so I hope to get outside for at least part of the day.

As any author, or business person for that matter, knows, marketing their product, in my case books, is what takes most of your time, if you actually want to make any kind of income from it.  I never expected to make much income from my books, as I knew going in that I have a very small audience.  They are Christian books–four of them–written for three to six year olds.  The market is really their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. because three to six year olds aren’t generally shopping on their own yet.

What have I done so far?  I attended the Inspire event in Toronto and had a great time meeting many authors–Margaret Atwood, Chris Hadfield, Debbie Macomber and Neil Pasricha (he’s a delight!), to name a few.  I only sold six books and one was to one of my brothers!  I attended the Toronto Word on the Street in 2015 and did not even sell one book.  I attended the Northumberland Word on the Street and sold two books (to a library!) and with all the great Northumberland authors, I bought more books than I sold, but it was a great event none-the-less and with a cost of only $10 for my table, it was most worthwhile.

I have to also mention that last year I invested in having one of my books formatted for hardcover, purchased the booksellers return program and advertised in the Christmas insert for the fall Children’s Ingram catalog, just to see if it was worthwhile.  It did generate some interest.  One company bought a few of my book ‘Animals of the New Testament’ in both softcover and hardcover.  They must have sold because they ordered some more of both formats.

So this year, I invested in having the other three formatted for hardcover and the booksellers return program for all three.  I then paid to advertise ‘More Animals of the Old Testament’ in the regular fall Children’s Ingram catalog and ‘More Animals of the New Testament’ in the Christmas insert.  I should be able to see which catalog fits the books best and by advertising the ‘More’ books, the buyer knows that there must be other books.

We’ll see how it goes.  The results of this seasons sales will dictate whether or not I will invest next year.  There is also a Pictures and Words event coming up in Northumberland in November that I am trying to book a table for.  I did sell one set of the four to a friend of mine for her nephew’s baptism, so I have make one sale this year!

Marketing is tough!  I thought that writing was difficult, but marketing is way more time consuming and costly.

So, for any of you who are interesting in supporting an author, all four of the books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Abe books, Chapters and various other places, online, across the world.  As I mentioned, I have four books out so far, all in paperback and hardcover, all returnable by bookstores, if they invest and the books don’t sell well.  The four books are as follows:

  • Animals of the Old Testament
  • Animals of the New Testament
  • More Animals of the Old Testament
  • More Animals of the New Testament

Go out to your favorite online book store and do a search, or go to a website called BookFinder4U, search on one of the books and it will give you a list of online vendors and you can find the best deal!

Well, folks, I hope that you do choose to buy one (or all four!) and enjoy them with the little ones in your family.  God bless!