Summer Busyness


Happy Sunday! It was a beautiful sunny drive to St. George’s this morning for Sunday service, but I shouldn’t have been surprised by the major, but short, downpour this afternoon, as I had been warned.  It is sunny yet again now.  Crazy weather!

I had the honor of spending some time with a palliative this afternoon, after church. This was at Golden Plough Lodge again.  Not my favorite facility.  It is quite old, but I must admit that any of the staff I have dealt with have been wonderful. I shall be back with him in the morning for a couple of hours.

I’m back on the topic of busyness today, as we are now into summer and it seems that some things go on hiatus during July and August, to allow for personal busyness.  I am not particularly busier than in other months, but I do have my trip to Nova Scotia coming up in a week and a half!

All three if my advisory committees are taking a break until September, but since they only meet monthly, it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. It looks like the weekly cyber Sunday service will also take a break for the summer.  That, I shall miss.  I really enjoy it.  Having said that, most of my fellow clergy do weddings, so of course this is their busy time.

Our fearless leader, the bishop is the busiest of all! Before we can upload the cyber Sunday service, she has all the editing to take care of and although she loves it, it is time consuming. Add that to all of her other duties during wedding season and it starts to get out of hand and is one thing that can be dropped when things get really crazy busy.

I am hoping that anyone that has summer holiday plans, can manage to find the sun.  It comes out every now and then to tease us, but never seems to stay more than a day or two.  I’m hoping for some sunny weather when I’m in Nova Scotia, but I can read and gab in pretty much any weather, so I guess it doesn’t really matter that much.

I am actually trying to not be too busy this summer.  I was too busy there for a while, attending the priest course, along with the friendly visiting and advisory committee meetings, especially when I was spending time with two different palliatives.  Since I do palliative visiting through both Community Care Northumberland and the Extendicare facility, I can be assigned a palliative from both.  That has only happened once, so perhaps it will only happen rarely.

I do want some time to catch up on reading this summer.  The same as I did last summer. And with my courses over, now that I am an ordained priest, my life should become a little more scheduled, so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. That, I’m looking forward to! What’s the point in being retired, if you can’t put your feet up and rest?

I would also like to plan a couple of little trips, too.  Viv and I got to Stratford and Niagara-on-the-Lake to see plays last year, but haven’t even gotten to one this year! Perhaps in September………

Well folks, that’s my blog for today.  May your summer be enjoyable and not too crazy! May you find the time to do the things that you like to do, rather than being pulled in a million directions. I remember the days when my kids were small and the many, many things we had to fit into the summer.  It can be exhausting!  Rest, relax and enjoy!  Life is short, you many as well enjoy it!

Blessings on your summer plans.  May they all work out as expected.  God bless!


Family Busyness


Happy Sunday! It’s a beautiful day outside and I’m looking forward to a smoked prime rib roast for dinner, as chef Cavan takes over most of the cooking now that it is barbeque season!

My apologies for not getting a blog out last week.  The last one was not even done on a weekend due to the busyness of life! We had Cavan’s uncle’s 80th birthday party on the 8th and stayed over so that I could meet my daughters to catch the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in Toronto and then birthday dinner and overnight stay with Viv, on the 9th. Cavan was off to a Sunday evening Tenebrae on the 9th and then picked me up on the 10th to go to the Tenebrae in Mississauga, in the evening.  

We were then back home, because I had a bunch of things to take care of to prepare for Easter!  I had two crocheted bunny hats I wanted to make–one for Caleb and one for Alex.  That took a while that week, and then I had baking to prepare for visitors.  Cavan went back into the city for more Tenebraes, but had no Tenebrae on the Thursday night, so after he attended a conference in the city that day, he picked me up at one of my ‘friendly visit’ homes and we had a night at home before heading back into the city for the Good Friday Tenebrae at St. James. While Cavan was singing at Tenebrae, I went to have dinner with my oldest daughter and then she, her dog, and I went to pick up Cavan and headed home for Easter weekend.

The next day, my daughter had to go back into the city to do a wedding (she’s a hair stylist) and then came back to do some more baking with me.  Later in the day, Victoria (my daughter’s step-sister), Shavoy and their darling of a son Caleb, came out for dinner.

Sunday, was the Warren family gathering at my dad’s place in Napanee.  Many of us were able to attend, including my sister from Vancouver and her little darling Alexandra. As usual, a great time was had by all and Sally spoiled us, as always, with a wonderful lunch and dinner.

Monday, I drove my daughter and her dog home (my cat was very happy to see the dog go!). I then took my friend Viv to Bluffer’s Restaurant for dinner and we had a couple of games of Scrabble. The next morning, I had a couple of appointments and then headed home.  Wednesday was meetings, Thursday Communion at the Extendicare and friendly visits and then Friday, I was in Niagara Falls for an onsite session of the priest course, where we learned the ‘Holy hand waving.’ I headed back into the city, where I spent the evening with Viv.  We caught the movie ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ and then played a couple of games of Scrabble–I actually won a game!! I stayed over and after breakfast and another game of Scrabble Saturday morning, I headed home, very tired from the week, to get laundry done.

Whew! This week is quieter.  I had church as St. George’s in Gore’s Landing this morning.  What a beautiful little church, with a great history. I got to do the readings and they were very kind to me. Tomorrow, is orientation at the Community Care Northumberland, so I can start palliative work.

Later tomorrow, I have a hearing test.  I lost the hearing in my left ear about three weeks ago and my doctor has confirmed that it is not an infection, or earwax, so we are taking the next step of the investigation and we will see where that leads us.

The rest of the week is relatively quiet, fortunately! It has been a few really busy weeks and I’m needing things to slow down for a bit. I haven’t spent much time just reading for ages! So, folks, that brings you up-to-date and tells you why I missed a blog in there somewhere.  I had planned to get one done in that time, but alas, it did not happen.

God bless all of you and I hope you are as busy, or not, as you wish to be!

Busy, Busy, Busy Again!


Happy Sunday, everyone!  I just finished a ridiculously busy week and I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit this week and finally getting the rest of the Christmas decorating done, and possibly finishing the hospice and palliative care course I started over a week ago and didn’t get back to.

I probably mentioned in the last blog that we spent the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December in Toronto for the St. Michael’s Choir School Concert. I was home on the Sunday night and managed to write my annual newsletter, get my Christmas cards done and in the mail and even blog on Monday.

Tuesday we were off again.  This time to Sudbury so that Cavan could meet with a new customer and schmooze with a customer he has had for years.  I got to have breakfast with Linda Lou, the daughter-in-law of my dear friend Viv and quite enjoyed our chat.  Viv lost her son Ken to a heart attack a few years ago and so Linda Lou has been on her own for a while.  She is always busy with activities like tennis and work, so it was nice she could find some time to chat with me.

We were able to head home on Wednesday evening.  We only caught some snow on and off.  I was kind of worried that we might hit some severe snow squalls, as the weather network was calling for some, but we were lucky.

I got to be home for the day on Thursday, when I managed to fit in a pedicure and my weekly friendly visit with the lovely couple I have been assigned by Community Care Northumberland.

Friday morning we jumped into the car again!  This time, we headed for Ogdensburg.  Cavan has a mailbox there, where he can have things sent that cannot be delivered to Canada.  Cavan was stocking up on printer ink that he was finding at amazing prices.  If you need such a service, it is called MyUSaddress and for $6 each, they will accept your packages.  It costs nothing to use the service, and he had it for over a year before he actually did use it.  For $29 per package (plus duty), they will send it to you.  We had six packages to pick up, so it was way more cost effective to go pick them all up and so, it addition to tolls for the bridge and gas, it cost him $78 in duty, which was really the GST (or maybe HST, I’m not sure which).

So, back on the same day, then a quick nap and up to visit a friend in Lindsay, which is the only place that has good fish and chips, since Stanley’s closed here in Cobourg.

Well, finally home for a while and yesterday, I caught up with laundry and kitchen tidying.  Today, I am finally actually resting, more or less.  Tomorrow, I get to the rest of the Christmas decorating, and hopefully, some time to work on that course.  The course part isn’t critical, but I would like to get it done.

Cavan is contemplating another visit to Sudbury.  The hard drives are failing on three of the computers up there, so depending on whether they decide to replace all of the hard drives or not, he may head up.  I’m hoping not.  This isn’t the best time of year to be doing that trip and the weather was in our favour this week.  Would we be so lucky to have it be good enough to try the trip again?

Well, that is the excitement for the moment.  I’m planning on a quiet week and if I get ambitious, I’ll take pictures of my decorating work and blog that next week.

Stay well!  Stay safe, if you are travelling and until next time, God bless!

Busy, Busy, Busy!


Happy Tuesday morning! I actually typed Monday, but realized that I am really late getting a blog out this week.  Life seems to have become very busy.  Of course, some of that is because Christmas is coming and I have lots to do for that!

Yesterday, I spent on a crochet project. I had finished one on Sunday and began the final one that I absolutely have to get done and put into the mail, as it is a gift.  At least it is part of a gift. Crocheting is a dexterity challenge for me, but although it is a bit slow going, I am happy to say that I am getting the job done!  My first project was the Christmas tree skirt I made for my friend Viv, and I have done several projects between then and now.

Adding to my busyness, is the priest course, which requires a lot of reading.  I’m going through church history right now and it is truly very interesting.  Fortunately, this week, we don’t have a class and then we have only two more before Christmas and then have a break until mid January.  This should work out well, because I have a bunch of other stuff that needs to be done!  Everything seems to need to be done now.  Mind you, I put the wheels in motion myself, for some of it.

I have connected with Community Care Northumberland. Cobourg is in Northumberland County. (As a side bar, Cobourg is the biggest town in Northumberland, and we have no cities.) So, I have signed up for a few things with CC Northumberland. I signed up to be a friendly visitor (as opposed to a grumpy visitor?) and I am meeting my first visitee, Brian on Thursday.  It’s one hour a week, so I am going to take on one more visitee.

I also volunteered to be on the CC Northumberland advisory committee.  This is just a meeting every other month, so it isn’t much of a commitment.

Additionally, I have volunteered for hospice/palliative care visiting.  For this, I need training. The province offers this training and I took the first of 12 units.  The first took about an hour, but I am going to try to finish by the end of the year. The hospice and palliative care is where I see my ministry.  This is where I am hoping I can make a difference.  After over 30 years in IT, I want to do something that makes my heart happy.  I think this is it.

On top of all that, I need to get my house ready for Christmas.  The upstairs tree goes up today.  The rest will have to wait until I have the crochet project done AND, we are away this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the St. Michael’s Choir School Christmas Concert.  Cavan will be singing with with the alumni choir. Then next week, Cavan has a new customer to meet with in Sudbury, so I’m going for the ride.  I can read, or crochet on the trip. After that, I think we are going to Ogdensburg to pick up some stuff in our mailbox there and somewhere in there, I think Viv and I will do a Christmas tree thing.

Every year for many years now, Viv and I have gone to the Gardner Museum for the Twelve Trees of Christmas.  In more recent years, the trees have become too artsy for us and last  year, some were not even trees.  It was very disappointing.  This year, I am going to try to get her to do to Port Hope, where they have a spectacular showing of decorated trees that I think she will enjoy. We’ll have to see if we can fit that in!

So, busy, busy, busy! It will make December go by very quickly, but things should slow down to a bit of a routine in the new year, I hope!

I pray that all of your endeavors are successful and that you have time to enjoy Christmas and not be to busy.  May God bless you and your family!

Busy Season


Okay, done whining for now!  My whining seemed to cause a bit of a ruckus.  My kids were informed that the fact that they cannot get along is not my fault and does not make me a bad mother.  I guess it’s just me.  I accept all kinds of blame.  Mind you, in this case I think that I should have taught more tolerance.  I would say shown more tolerance, but I don’t think that there are many more tolerant than me.  Next topic………….

We are coming into the busiest season of the year.  Being busy makes time go by very fast.  I can’t imagine the next two months going by any faster than the rest of the year!  It took me half of the year to get used to the fact that it was 2015!

So, Halloween is coming up on Saturday (yikes, still need to get candy!) and I have tickets to see ‘Harvey,’ with Dad, Sally and friends from Cobourg at the dinner theatre on Sunday.  The following Saturday is Word on the Street Northumberland, where I have another chance to sell my books.

After that, Cavan has Sunday evening practices for his upcoming afternoon performances with the choir school at Massey Hall on December 4th and 5th.  The following weekend, just the alumni of the choir school sing in Colgan, the home of the originator of the choir school.  

Then, of course, we get into full blown Christmas season!  Christmas is my favourite time of year!  I miss buying stuff for my siblings–we chose to only buy for nieces and nephews.  But that’s okay.  I have started shopping already, of course!  I was at a book signing for Neil Pasricha’s picture book–The Book of Awesome.  It’s for my littlest niece.  The pictures are great.  I have also shopped for my older niece.  I don’t quite know what to buy my nephews, but I’m sure I will come up with something.

I need to find a good time to get my lovely Christmas tree up.  One of the great features of this house is that it has a beautiful nine foot high window (about two feet off the ground) that is absolutely perfect for a tall, slim nine foot Christmas tree.  It’s beautiful!  It makes me very happy to have it there for Christmas.  As well as that, last year I finally put up my Christmas tree from the old house, in the family room downstairs.  I added a couple of ceramic trees and others that I had, that caused Cavan to call it ‘the forest.’  Just wait!  That threw down the gauntlet of challenge.  I didn’t put out all of the trees that I have.  This year, I will!  Big and small, I shall have all of my trees out!

Of course, in the midst of that, I still have work.  There is still lots to keep me busy finishing up the assessments for this year and planning next year.

So, now, I am on a mission to work as long as I can.  The longer I work, the faster I can pay off the debt I have accumulated while my girls finished post secondary school and got their careers off the ground. I achieved what I wanted and that is that they have no student debt.  Unfortunately, I have it, but I’m also in a better position to pay it off.

All is good.  As I always say, I am truly very blessed (despite my whining!).  I am grateful for every blessing and every challenge.  Let’s see what comes next!

God love all of you who read my blogs!  May you have a blessed week!