Happy Tuesday! I’m finding that difficult to say, based on the events in Manchester yesterday, but that is how I start all my blogs, and my Facebook prayer posts, as well. It boggles the mind what must go on in the heads of people who cause tragedies such as the one yesterday.

Ariana Grande said there are no words. I struggle myself to find words.  I don’t often write on tragedies because the words I express cannot possibly make it better. The words I express cannot possibly communicate the fear, the anger, the puzzlement or the outrage that anyone must feel.

I understand that ISIS has taken responsibility and that one person died at the event and one person was later taken into custody. What is wrong with the world? As Erin Davis pointed out in her journal today:  How can the world be such a beautiful and awful place? There are so many great things going on in the world and yet there is so much hate and so much tragedy. How is this so? There is so much abundance for everyone.

It puzzles me. I will never understand hate.  I believe that perhaps it stems from jealousy in many cases, and often perhaps ignorance. The level of hate or anger that can cause such an event in unfathomable to me.Why did it happen? And why there? They were just kids, or mostly just kids, out having a good time at an enjoyable event. An eight year old girl was one of the victims. A child who had so much ahead of her in life, so many expected years, so many expected events.  All snuffed out by someone who didn’t even know her. Someone with some sort of misguided mission to kill.  How awful.

Can’t we just get along? We each have differing views on how we should lead our lives. That is unfortunate, because I believe that everyone should be kind, loving and caring. I know that there are many different customs, religions, languages and beliefs, but think of what we could do if we were all loving. Just to be super idealistic, if we were all loving and giving, we wouldn’t need wars, or armies, or equipment like guns. Think of how abundant life would be then, for everyone!

My kids always said that I like to believe in rainbows and unicorns. Yes, I like to believe the best in people and I think that it is possible and might be the only thing that saves the world from eventual destruction. We have enough to deal with the weather issues any regions face:  tornados, hurricanes, drought, floods, etc. We cannot control the weather, but we could control ourselves.

Let’s send a prayer to the world! For everyone!

Heavenly Father, we ask that you bless each and everyone on this planet, that we find a calm and loving way to deal with each other. That instead of reaching out a hand to push someone away, we reach out a hand to comfort. That our first instinct be to try to understand each other and when we cannot, we accept each other’s differences. We ask for your assistance in building a loving world that you will be proud of and that we will be proud of. We ask for forgiveness for our past frustrations and poor judgement and ask that you guide us to a calm place, where we truly help each other and build a safe world where we have no hesitation to go wherever we wish to enjoy this wonderful planet you have entrusted to us. We ask for your abundance to be seen and held by all, that we have no need for jealousy, or fear or hatred and that those feelings completely disappear from our thoughts, and never even be felt by the children we are raising, And may we radiate the love that you give us so abundantly, that everyone we encounter can see you in us.  We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Well, dear friends, that prayer has uplifted me from the doldrums that I felt based on the Manchester tragedy. If we all pray this and remember that ‘when two or more are gathered together we will have our request granted.’ We have something pretty powerful. God bless!




Happy Monday!  It’s a rainy day here in the resort town of Cobourg–the perfect day to catch up on chores, before I head into the city tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I get to spend the afternoon with my oldest daughter and although I lived in Toronto for nearly 30 years and she has been there all her life, we are going to pretend to be tourists and take the double decker bus tour and go to the Ripley’s Aquarium.

So, onto today’s topic of prayer.  My earliest memory of my mother was making beds with her in the morning and then kneeling on the bed to say morning prayers.  I am guessing that I was about 2 at the time and it instilled two things in me–the necessity of a made bed, and daily prayer.  And, yes, to this day, I need to make my bed every day and I still say prayers.

I generally say my prayers at night, as the end of the day is a great time to give thanks for all that I have and ask for forgiveness for any known and unknown transgressions.  I also slip in a request for all beings on this earth to have peace in their heart and soul, that will prompt all to share all the food and water, because I know that there is more than enough to sustain all in the world.  I also have to throw in a request for a windfall and I don’t mind working for it.  Millions of my books selling would be fine, or a simple lottery win would suffice.  I have so many people and charities that I plan to share with.

I never really got into morning prayer, although now that I am retired, there is no longer the excuse that I can’t fit it in before work.  I have thought about this often and feel that I am missing something by not having morning prayer, but then remembered that I actually do.  My morning routine includes work at my computer for a bit even before my daily exercise routine and shower.  At my computer, I do two main things.  I post Bible quotes on Twitter from daily e-mails that I get and I post a prayer on my Facebook business page.

The prayer rarely comes directly from me, I should point out, but before I post the prayer, I have read through several.  I always read the prayer from Daughters of the Creator, and I used to publish that one, with some modifications.  Lately, however, I have been finding some wonderful prayers on the website.  This site has prayers for pretty much anything you can possibly imagine–prayers for thanks, forgiveness, wellness, success, exams, new job, job interview, etc.  It is a great site.

So, at night I do my heart to heart prayer, and in the morning, I do a more specific prayer that I share with anyone who is in need of a prayer that aligns with the topic I have found that I need for the day.

The one thing that I truly regret, however, is that I did not instill praying in my own children.  They did attend Sunday school and we actually had a birthday cake at Christmas for baby Jesus.  But they never saw me pray and regretfully, I never spent the time at the end of the day to teach them to pray, so it has not become part of their daily lives.  This is quite unfortunate I think.  That isn’t to say that they do not believe in God and are not spiritual, but they don’t have the same daily connection that I have.  

Perhaps it is never too late. I will be ordained as a deacon for the Community Catholic Church of Canada in November and they will be attending.  Perhaps it will remind them of our roots in the church.

Well, my dear friends, I have other chores to get to.  I pray that you have a gentle week.  God bless!



Happy Sunday everyone!  It’s a lovely day here in the resort town of Cobourg, but alas, I have no energy to go out and enjoy it.  I sit here in my nice cool basement office willing my fingers to obey me on the keyboard.  

I have just finished reading the book ‘Still Alice.’  I had seen the movie too and for those of you who have not, it’s about a woman who, at the age of only 50, is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. There are many diseases in this world, but for those of us who have worked with our intellect all our lives, it has to be the toughest.  I don’t actually know anyone with the early onset form of the disease, but I do know several who have had, or have Alzheimer’s.

Cavan’s mother has it, as did his paternal grandmother. So he has it on both sides of his family.  It takes a lot of patience to deal with it, for both the caregiver and the patient.  I was very close to a great aunt who dealt with it.  She would pop in and out of time spaces.  When she was in the past, I didn’t exist and she called my father Harry, who was her brother (my father’s father).  It was very interesting to deal with.

If you ever get the chance to see the movie ‘Away from Her,’ it is worth the watch.  It is also about Alzheimer’s.  A very well done movie that tackles the issues of someone put into a care home for it, and the poor husband who has to deal with it.

Whether it is Alzheimer’s, like my mother-in-law, Huntington’s, like my sister, MS, like me, celiac, like my brother, or any number of other diseases out there, there are medications, or avoidance of foods, or simply rest that is prescribed, but the only assistance I am qualified to offer is prayer.  I will be honest in saying that I don’t pray for a cure, perhaps I should, although to be honest, even if one was found today for any of those diseases, it would be years before it was viable for anyone with the diagnosis.  I simply pray for a gentle journey.  Most of the diseases listed are at least somewhat unpredictable, so, if the journey is at least gentle, perhaps the suffering on both sides will be minimized at least a bit.

Prayer to me is almost like breathing.  It is part of my life and has been for many years.  I have said a lot of prayers for my daughters over the years and must confess that I have said few for myself, except to ask for forgiveness.  Like all Christians, I know that I am not perfect and have lots to ask forgiveness for.  I have discovered over the years, though, that some of the things I needed forgiveness for, were not done out of spite and were sometimes even caused by my rather sarcastic humor.  I do need to keep that in check!

So, this is a rather short blog, for which I do ask forgiveness, but I seem to have over-challenged myself, which has resulted in my fingers not wishing to cooperate.  It’s a wonder the backspace key isn’t worn right down on this keyboard!  Ah well, perhaps one of my many blessings…….

I thank everyone for visiting my blog and I pray that all of your journeys are gentle. God bless!

Giving back to God


I was recently asked about my relationship with Jesus.  I actually have to say that I don’t feel that I have one.  That isn’t to say that I don’t believe in Jesus, because I absolutely do.  As a matter of fact I cover the birth of Jesus in my second book ‘Animals of the New Testament.’

I will say, though, that I have a very strong relationship with God.  One of my earliest memories with my mother was making the beds in the house in the morning and then kneeling to say morning prayers.

Also related to prayers, I found myself in an interesting situation one evening.  I had worked for a doctor for a while between high school and post-secondary school.  Dr. Sullivan visited with me in Ottawa a little while after I moved from Pembroke.  After dinner, he gave me two choices.  One could attend an AA meeting or a prayer group meeting.  I had never been to either, but opted for the prayer group meeting as I was not really comfortable attending an AA meeting, never having been around anyone who might resemble and alcoholic.

It was a lovely meeting with this small group. They asked if I would like them to pray for me and never missing an opportunity to draw on others strengths, I agreed.  As one of the women walked behind me to place her hands on my head, she actually jumped back!  She told me that the Holy Spirit was very strong in me!

Since I was only about 21 at the time, I have to admit that this pronouncement was a bit scary, as I never felt any more special than anyone else. With that knowledge, I have always felt that there is more that I should be giving back to the world than I have been.

It has only taken about 30 years, but I now know that the talent that I need to share is writing.  Since I have always felt closest to small children, I thought that writing for children would best use the writing talents I have.