Happy Sunday! We have a sunny day today, the fifth sunny day in a row. I believe. This spring, we haven’t seen that until now.  It’s wonderful!  A bit too warm for my liking, but then, we always have to have something to complain about with the weather, don’t we?

Now that ordination is over, I’m just trying to figure out where I’m at.  It has been such a busy few weeks, that I wonder where the rest comes, with retirement. But then, it all comes down to choices.  I wonder if I have taken on too much.  Not surprising, as I’ve done that many times over the years and had to back off a few things to make life manageable.  I seem to forget sometimes, that I have MS.  Mind you, it will remind me occasionally, if I am not paying attention!

The only real thing that I have committed to on a regular basis is the friendly visiting for Community Care Northumberland on Thursday afternoons.  I have two different places that I go for one hour visits, and I’m going to see if I can book them a bit closer together, so that I can fit in one more.

I have also really committed to visit with three residents at Extendicare, which I have scheduled for Wednesday afternoons.  These visits tend to be a bit shorter, and the two gentlemen that I visit are a bit of a challenge, so I am starting off with short visits and working my way up.  I have more trouble talking with the guys, than the woman, but I’m just looking at it as a challenge.

On top of that, I can be visiting palliatives through either organization, and I just had a time when I was spending time with a palliative for both and it was a challenge. I don’t know if that will happen often, I’ll see how it goes.  Both of those palliatives passed away, so I have none at the moment.

I’m trying to keep my mornings free to do my daily posting of Bible verses and quotes to Twitter and prayer to Facebook and just getting organized for the day.  Once a month, I do help out at the Anglican church service at Extendicare facility on a Thursday morning.

Throw into that mix appointments which. If they are in Cobourg, I try to keep to Friday morning, or early afternoon.  If the appointment is in Toronto, I keep Mondays and Tuesdays for that drive, which I combine with a visit with Viv and/or my kids, as well as any errand that has to be done in the city.  Friday morning is also the time for the recording of the Community Catholic Church Sunday service, which gives our Bishop time to edit and load up for 10:30 on Sunday. Speaking of Sundays, I like to get up to St. George’s for their morning service.

Saturdays are then left for chores; laundry, cleaning, gardening, all that stuff.

So, it seems to be all manageable unless I have several palliatives to visit.  The other challenge is when Cavan is in the city with the car.  He tries to avoid Thursdays, but sometimes that’s not possible.  I can walk to Extendicare (it takes me 15 minutes), but I do have to sit and rest my legs for a bit, when I get there.

This week, Cavan is in the city for three days, one of which is Thursday.  I can walk to Extendicare for the church service and I will visit my residents before and after that, so that I don’t have to walk there on Wednesday, as well. Then I have to figure out about the friendly visits.  I’ll check the bus schedule.  I think that it is doable, and it will be good to know if it can be done, for future reference.  I have taken the bus before, when I had something to do, when I didn’t have the car.

So, it appears that I’m not slowing down much, but I might have to revisit my schedule, as time goes by.

I hope that you are not overdoing it! Sometimes we need to let others step in!  God bless!


Lazy Ass


Happy Tuesday!  It’s a rainy one here in the resort town of Cobourg and only the second decent rainy day we have had since the beginning of summer.  The grass and  plants are very happy, although at least we did keep up with watering the plants.  The grass, not so much, and it is pretty much dead I’m afraid.

I don’t really have a planned topic for this rather late blog.  I was in the city Sunday and Monday, so I didn’t get to my blog until now.  I was also rather neglectful of my daily prayers on my Facebook ‘fan’ page.  I will confess that I do not have many fans anyway, so perhaps it wasn’t really missed.  I have only about 130 fans (I know, pretty sad, right?).  On Twitter, however, I now have about 6,720 followers!  Wahoo, who knew an old gal like me could do that?  I am actually getting a lot of retweets.  Most of what I tweet is Bible and other inspirational quotes.  I will also confess that although I have never bought any followers, I have invested money in a company that tweets about my books.  I haven’t seen any real results (translation:  book sales) yet, but it has only been a couple of weeks.  I’ll at least give it a couple of months.

Since I mentioned that I was in the city, I shall enlighten you on why I was there!  The Sunday was spent at my oldest daughter, Alysse’s place.  We had a baby shower for her step-sister, Victoria.  Please note that Victoria is not related to me, but since she is kind of disowned, I do my best to let her know that we care about her.  My youngest daughter Kaitlyn was able to join us as well.  Alysse cooked up some delicious food–lamb meatballs, cassava, sweet potato and bacon perogies, bacon wrapped chicken, etc.  A paleo delight!  Victoria was thrilled with her gifts and I went at least partly practical with a big box of diapers and a big box of baby wipes.  We also got some lovely little outfits.  Shavoy, the baby daddy was thrilled with the little camouflage outfits and they both loved the tuxedo sleeper.  We also got tiny socks and little blanket and stuff.  The little boy is due on September 4th.

Yesterday, I spent with my friend Viv.  We got some errands run–picking up a prescription, banking, mailing a letter, purchasing a new mixer and even had lunch out. It was a lovely visit.  Oh yes, we also went to see the movie Florence Foster Jenkins, which we really enjoyed. I think I’ll try to get in to see Viv at least once a month–perhaps even twice–to help her get thing like that done.  Especially at Christmas.  At 90, she still takes the bus and subway, but I think I would rather help her take care of these things.

Well, I didn’t have a topic for this entry because I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it.  Basically, I guess it was just an update of what I did.  Hm, that’s not very exciting.  Perhaps I need to think about what I really want my focus to be now that I am retired.  I’m sure that many of you have heard that if you want something done, give it to a busy person.  I know that to be true.  When I was busy, I had to schedule time for those requests.  Now that I have tons of time on my hands, I still need to schedule things, or they don’t get done.  Truly, my house should be spotless and there should be no chores on the list.  But alas, it is too easy to just put off to tomorrow, what I don’t feel like doing today.  

Yup, I’ve turned into a lazy ass. In my defence, and this is pretty lame, I am feeling the fatigue of my MS even more since I retired, than I did before. We had family over for barbeques, only nine people on a Thursday and then nine more on the Saturday and I was pretty much useless for much of last week.  How sad is that? I guess that I should be thankful that I managed to work fulltime for more than 20 years after my diagnosis.  It seems to be much more than most people get.  Perhaps I have just earned a restful retirement?  But then it is strange to go from being so busy to not doing much.  Then again, my body may be reminding me that that is exactly what I am supposed to do.

So, I am at the end of my musings.  I pray that everyone has a gentle week and that the rain revives my very neglected grass.  God bless!

Happy Anniversary!


Happy Monday everyone!  I’m late getting this blog written because I got too busy re-organizing my bathroom cupboards yesterday.  I’m afraid that I not very good at resting on the 7th day.  I must work on that!

This blog is about two anniversaries actually.  First, this is my 100th blog!  Wahoo!  Who knew I would last this long?  I’m kind of hoping that folks find these blogs at least a little bit interesting.  I realize that I am a bit all over the map with topics and there is no consistent thread through these blogs, unless you consider ‘my life’ the thread.  I should go through all of the blogs because I think that there are really only about a half a dozen major topics–God, diet, re-organizing, retirement, family and books.

So, quite a few different topics, but I am hoping that they are at least somewhat interesting.  I know that I don’t lead a terribly dynamic or exciting life and now that I’m retired, it is pretty mundane, actually.  So, we’ll see how it goes.  Mind you, I am taking the deacon’s course this year, so I might at least try to be a little more inspirational.

The other anniversary is quite unrelated.  As of this Saturday, my honey Cavan and I have been together for 13 years!  Another wahoo!  I am retired now, as you know, and Cavan is expecting to retire in 2023, when we both turn 65. I believe that I have mentioned more than once that he works for himself.  It doesn’t bring in much money, but the small businesses that he does work for really depend on him.  When we are both retired, perhaps I will blog about our travels.

Well, another week begins!  I have two more closets to get re-organized and I’ll work on that this week because next week, it’s time to start on the taxes!  My two Amish Shaker hutches won’t arrive until late April, so I’ll leave the kitchen and dining room until they arrive.Then I shall be done and can move onto the next project!  So, I will have a gap between the taxes and organizing the kitchen, during which time I am going to record some of my stories for my YouTube channel.  It’s a good thing I retired, otherwise where would I find the time?

So, enjoy the last of February and God bless!

Retirement Update


Good Saturday morning!  We have snow this morning in the lovely town of Cobourg.  Not enough to use the stage two snowblower that we have yet, though, I’m afraid.

Since I have been finished work for almost three months, I thought I would provide a retirement update. I am still on my mission to re-organize stuff in the house.  I should point out that I am mostly meaning going through the stuff in closets, although the rearranging of furniture has been involved in the basement.

For those of you who don’t know my house, it is essentially a bungalow, with a mostly finished basement.  We have two bedrooms upstairs, along with the livingroom/diningroom/kitchen area, which is open concept.  Downstairs, we have another bedroom, an exercise room, rec room and office.  We also have three bathrooms, two upstairs and one downstairs.  My plan was to haul all the stuff out of the closets and get rid of what I can, and reorganize the rest.  This also included under the stairs and all the shelves in the utility room (the only unfinished room we have).

Okay, so that sets the scene.  In order to be able to actually relax in retirement, I wanted to declutter.  So that is my focus for this year.  I should point out that some of it I cannot do, because it is Cavan’s stuff (who knew you could have hundreds of different types and colors of computer cables?).  I should also mention that the garage needed to be done since I hadn’t been able to get the car into the garage since the first winter we were here.

So, garage done and the car in.  Cavan still needs to go through the boxes he got on shelves, but, we have room for the car.  Under the stairs is done and it now just hosts some boxes of stuff that belongs to my kids (including over 150 beanie babies!) and the Christmas decorations. The utility room is done, except for the work Cavan needs to do, which includes getting a server out of a box and mounted into the server rack, with the other servers and NAS boxes.

The new bookshelves in our little gym are done, which now includes the 32 empty cat bottles of wine in my collection.  The rec room is done–with all printers removed, I might add!  We also purchased and assembled a fireplace/TV stand, which makes it quite cozy.  The office is mostly done, but still needs a bit of work.  For me, it just needs some more filing of paper and for Cavan, it is organizing various computer bits like cables, monitors, etc.

I got the upstairs front closet done yesterday, noting just how many coats we own!  Some are going to charity, along with some other clothes that I have already pulled out of my wardrobe.  I will finish the clothing purge this weekend. I have put the lesser used items in the spare room closets.

So, lots done and yet a bit more to do–three upstairs closets, including the linen closet and the kitchen.  I have ordered two new Amish shaker cabinets, so I won’t do the kitchen until those have arrived, so I can organize it all at once.

If I get nothing but organizing and reading done this year, I shall be happy.  Next year, my focus will be organizing pictures.  My girls are in their mid twenties and yet, I still haven’t organized their school pictures.  I plan to scan the school pictures all in and create one big poster sized one with their post secondary graduation picture in the middle and the others all around it.  Next year.

It has been interesting to go from worrying about cyber security as a career, to just being concerned with what I have in my house, but I am loving the break!  AND, I am catching up on reading!

God bless you all and good luck with all of your home projects!



And so my empty journal begins to fill.  If you read the blog from Monday, I was commenting that a new year begins like an empty journal and with each day, you fill it with entries from the year.  Here it is only a quiet rainy Saturday and I am already blogging again, as I try to ‘schedule’ daily activities in retirement.

This week, I managed to get three years worth of filing done, cleaned up the office, loaded up the new bookshelves, saw the dentist and began to pack away all the Christmas stuff.  I had discovered in 1998 that if you don’t plan anything, nothing gets done.  So, every day, I have a task or two that I want to accomplish.  I don’t want to take on too much at a time and tax my MS and I want to make sure I include some reading time!

Today’s task, after I finish blogging, is to take the ornaments off the two Christmas trees that I have and pack up the trees, as well as bringing in the outside decorations.  Then, sadly, Christmas is truly over for another year.

My overall plan is to go through the house closet by closet and room by room and get rid of stuff, organize things and basically make my life easier by making the things I use the most more easily accessible.  Somewhere in there, I will organize my paperwork for the taxes, so that as soon as I get all my receipts, I can get them done and submitted and get onto the next thing.

So, I often get asked how retirement is.  Well, I think that this is the first week that I have actually felt like I can think about that.  Before now, I was so busy with paperwork for the severance and retirement, and then there was so much to do for Christmas, that I couldn’t really look at it like retirement.  Now, I have a bit of time on my hands, like a retiree should!

I’m enjoying it so far!  At the end of the year, I will see what the year was all about and decide then, if retirement suits me.

Well, one thing hasn’t changed I see, as I watch two sleeping cats on my desk.  They still want to be near me and whether I’m doing ‘work work’ or I’m just blogging or doing my morning e-mail/Twitter/Facebook stuff, life for them hasn’t changed.

Here’s to things that change and things that remain the same!  God Bless!

Happy New Year!


As unbelievable as it seems, another Christmas is over and it is almost 2016!  It took me most of this year to get it into my head that it was 2015, but here we are, only days away from another new year.  I swear that the older I get the faster time goes by.

Christmas was nice, fairly quiet with only six of us here for dinner.  We spoiled each other with gifts and with my retirement package, I was allowed to be more generous than usual.  Next year, on a pension, it might be a bit of a different story.  We’ll see.

Boxing Day, we were at my Dad’s and there were 22 for dinner!  Quite the crowd, but a lovely visit.  I look forward to spending more time in Napanee in the new year, now that I am retired.  Mind you, Dad and Sally will be heading to Australia on January 2nd and won’t be back until mid February, so visits won’t likely start until the spring, although we have yet to see what winter has in store for us!

As to my retirement, to be completely honest, I don’t think I want to work anymore, except perhaps as a volunteer with seniors and to use the training I will get this year while becoming a deacon.  I have so many books to read, rooms and closets to organize, crafts to do!  Who has time to work? I also hope to be able to visit some people that I haven’t had the time to see.

I was pretty good this year.  I did connect by phone with folks I hadn’t been in contact with for some time.  Next year, perhaps I can actually go out and visit them!

So, a short blog today, to send out blessings to one and all for a wondrous and prosperous new year.  May you set and attain your goals this coming year!  God bless.

Surprise Retirement


Happy Sunday!  I’m afraid that I will be pushing paleo out another week, because I am going to blog about my surprise retirement.

Just so you aren’t left hanging on the paleo topic, let me at least say that I have been dedicated to paleo–before I was kind of doing paleo, but not dedicated–I have lost 10 pounds.  Now that is 10 pounds from November 1st until now, November 22nd.  I would say that is pretty good, but I will blog about it more next week unless interrupted by something else!

Anyway, let me set the scene for my surprise retirement story.  I have worked for Enbridge for over 31 years.  They have been very good to me through all of life’s ups and downs, including divorce, single parenthood and my MS diagnosis.  I have tried not to have to be off very often for any of my challenges over the years, and in more recent years, I haven’t had to be off for any reason other than the usual cold, or whatever, but I have had to have accommodations made.

My most recent boss was so very understanding and would agree to almost anything, as long as I didn’t retire!  So, I progressed from, working at home on Fridays, to working from home Mondays and Fridays, to only being in the office a day or two a week–whenever necessary to attend meetings on site, although mostly, I dealt with folks in Calgary, Edmonton and Houston.

Then, we worked out this plan of 9/80, which I believe I blogged about.  It meant that I worked nine hours Monday to Thursday and the first Friday I worked eight hours and then had every other Friday off.  Of course, there are ten statutory holidays in Ontario, plus, we got one Scheduled Day Off (SDO) each month, and I had six weeks vacation, once I had 30 years of service.  So, my next progression was to take the first Friday off as an SDO, or a vacation day.  That still left me with several vacation days.

So, long story short, I was working mostly from home, nine hours a day, four days a week.  Enbridge has been kind to me.

That was working nicely, and then Monday, November 16th arrived and at 10am, I got the call letting me know that due to workforce reduction, my employment ended .  I will admit that it was a shock, but again Enbridge has been kind to me.  I could have retired in May of 2014, but continued on because my youngest was still in post secondary school.  I now have a full pension, and get to begin the next chapter in my life.  They were also kind with enough severance to allow me to continue to help my youngest until she graduates in April.  Life is good.

I now have the time to catch up on reading, writing, crafts and the many movies that are still in shrink wrap, that I have collected.  I also have other ideas in mind, but I will try not to overtax my MS.

So, I pray that whatever chapter you are in, in your life, it is working well for you.  God Bless!