Mini Retreat


Happy Saturday! I know, shock of all shocks, I’m actually blogging early! I have been so busy this week that I’m even amazed that I’m fitting it in, but that’s the wonderful thing about doing the laundry, you toss the stuff in the machines and it kind of takes care of itself, until it’s time to  fold the clothes and put them away.

So, it has been a very busy week.  In addition to my usual friendly visiting and the last of my priest classes, I have been assigned two palliatives to spend some time with.  Unfortunately, because I am really busy this week, I can only be with them each, every other day.  I feel a bit badly about that, but I am a bit focussed on finishing a Catherine Ponder book I have been reading, actually trying to find my kitchen counter under the mess and preparing for a mini retreat before my ordination to the priesthood in a week. Whew!

So, I was given some reading and praying to do to make sure that I am ready for the ordination.  I had the same thing to go through before my diaconal ordination, but the priesthood has new, and quite a list of, responsibilities and I need to be sure that I am ready to take it all on. It’s a time for quiet prayer, that I have to fit in somewhere, amongst the palliative visits, church, two days in the city because of a couple of appointments, a visit from my oldest daughter, and, and, and… I’m sure that it will all work out!

It’s funny, but I was thinking that perhaps, I should give up the palliative visits, because that is the one thing that cannot be specifically scheduled.  I know, the nerve of people becoming palliative at such inconvenient times! I hope you get that I’m kidding!

Anyway, I realized that it was all because of the palliative visiting that I am taking on the priesthood, so I need to buck up and get my priorities straight! I think that my quiet prayer and contemplation time will help me to work this out. Perhaps it was the palliative vocation that got me to this point, but not the vocation that will take me forward. Time and prayer will tell.

I also know that I am really wanting to help our the Community Catholic Church of Canada. Our bishops and pretty much stretched to the max and I am hoping that there is at least one or two things I can take off their plates to make their burden a little bit lighter. Our little church is growing and that is amazing, but it does need to be managed.  I understand that between the chaplains, deacons, priests and bishops, we are over 50 folks, and that is quite a few folks to keep track of. Mostly, they are just going off and managing to do their thing quite nicely, but we do need to know what they are doing, and monthly reporting helps us to understand that, but there are some phone calls that are necessary to takes care of some things, as well.

Busy, busy, that is our little church and I am thrilled to be part of it.  They are such a warm and welcoming bunch of folks.

Well, off to get some other things out of the way, so that I can spend some significant retreat time tomorrow, after church and a palliative visit. I have everything else ready–vestments, etc. I am so glad for the ordination at Pentecost, because I love the liturgical color red! It is so my color. I will not get to my blog until after the ordination next Sunday, but perhaps I shall even have pictures!

God bless all! Please keep me in your prayers as I take this next step.




Happy Sunday! It’s a dull day outside today, but it is a retreat day for me, so a nice cup of tea, purring cats and quiet music accompany my quiet contemplation of my upcoming ordination.  It is a time to reflect on my direction and what it all means to me.

I’m taking a break and blogging at the moment, because the washer and dryer are a distraction, so I shall fill the time with chores, until the house is quiet again.

Last night, I even hauled the tarot cards to see what they would tell me.  I am not a tarot card reader per se, but I was given a set some years ago and every now and then I get them out to see what they tell me.  I just did the three card reading–perhaps I will do a full reading tomorrow, when I have some quiet time before Cavan returns from his conference weekend.  Last night, I drew the three cards which show past present and future.  I don’t remember what the card for the past was, but then it’s in the past anyway, isn’t it?  The present card was ‘sorrow.’  Hm, that could mean lots of things that I haven’t really dug into yet, but the card for the future was ‘victory.’ Well, that’s impressive.

So, victory I am taking as I am going in the right direction. In addition to my upcoming ordination for deacon, I have a few other things lined up.  I am committing to the priest course. It has a lot more reading, but reading is one of my favorite things to do.  That ordination will be in June and with the liturgical calendar, the color is red, so my chasuble will be red–my favorite color– it must be a sign!  As a deacon, I will wear a dalmatic and the color in the liturgical calendar for this upcoming ordination is white.

Also lined up, I have some connections locally.  I have always been drawn to the aged.  My closest friend is 90, though, and yet I don’t consider her to be old.  She is more mobile than me and, I have discovered that every night she does toe touches and can actually still put her hands flat on the floor!  I can only get my knuckles on the floor.

There is an Extendicare facility just down the street from me and I have been in contact with the administrator there.  There are no paying positions, but I can work as a volunteer.  I have also been in discussion with Northumberland Community Care and they have friendly visitors, where I can visit with seniors in their homes.  They also have hospice training, where I can be trained to visit people who are near the end of their life, and hopefully, offer some support, if only to hold their hand for a little while or listen to their stories.

I remember when my mom was nearing the end, much of my family was at the hospital, but while I was there, I was the only one sitting close to  her and holding her hand.  I hope it was of some comfort.  I still feel badly that I wasn’t there when she actually passed, but I had driven for five hours to get to her and I had to sleep.  When I got the call, I did return to the hospital and kissed her goodbye on her forehead.  I did the same with Cavan’s father.  I know that some people have difficulty with dead bodies, but to me, it is just the vessel that held their spirit while they were here.  Nothing to be afraid of.

This will be my victory–to be able to offer even a little comfort to the forgotten in long term care homes and hospices.  It’s selfish really, because it will make me happy.  I pray that it will also offer some comfort to those I shall have the pleasure of meeting.  I welcome their stories.  People have such amazing lives.

Well, dear friends, I hope that you find your victory in life and that you won’t be near 60 years old like I am, when you find it!  God bless!